Fashion Faves: Must-Have Items

When it comes to fashion, we are all so different. As many unique combinations as there are people. It’s how we make an impression and show our personality or mood. Granted, sometimes we pick clothes for comfort or just for ourselves, but when dressing up or making an effort there are staples of our wardrobe that give us confidence and make us feel complete. Maybe you like sweater sets or dresses, maybe it’s not an outfit without heels or boots, or maybe your entire closet is T-shirts and jeans and it’s your jewelry that makes a difference. Whatever your style this is my list of must haves when it comes to loving what I’m wearing and walking with confidence. Be warned: all these things sound incredibly girly and I don’t even care.


I don’t know about you, but I have some things that I ALWAYS put on when getting ready. Even when wearing a T-shirt and jeans I’ve sported my two favorite pieces of jewelry. One is a heart ring I got when I visited NYC, where me, my sister, and my mom picked out something from Tiffany, and the other is a plain heart charm I got in Mont St. Michel in France. I love these pieces because they remind me of my love for travel, and how many more places I have left to go. I also love them for their classic look. It’s simple and understated, and I makes me feel classy without feeling like I’m weighed down with jewelry. Plus whenever someone asks me where I got them a wonderful conversation ensues.


Some might disagree, but I love bows. I have some gorgeous pearl earrings with little bows and hair bows (which I am NOT too old for). To clarify there are a ton of ways to put a bow in your hair to pinned to your outfit without looking like you’re six again. When I see a shirt, dress, or shoes with bows on them I’m way more likely to buy them then not. They make me feel girly and special and they help hold up my hair, which is important.

SOME of my hearts and bows from my collection
SOME of my hearts and bows from my collection


I know it seems weird, but it’s one of my staples. I am always wearing them, like most of us probably. When I’m not, I’m wishing I was and trying to work them into my everyday wardrobe. They are comfy, stylish, relatively inexpensive, and easily dressed up or down. We all have our favorite brands and styles, and it good to try new ones from time to time. It’s also the most frustrating to buy, since I want one that fits well everywhere, and that is not easily accomplished. But try we must.

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women in colorful dress posing in front of white wall


Granted I don’t wear these all the time, and after 6 hours I’m usually complaining, but I do love them. I like buying them and pairing them with jeans, dresses, and skirts. Yes, there are days when I wanna wear flip flops, but there is a satisfaction in hearing that clack of heels on a hardwood floor. They make me stand taller and straighter. Making the lines of my outfits clean and classy.

What are some of your must haves? What makes an outfit special to you? Tweet us @litdarling and let us know!

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