St. Patrick’s Day Playlist: Get Your Jig On

Ah St. Patrick’s Day—when we celebrate whatever percent Irish we are or completely pretend to be Irish for the day. Key elements go into celebrating this great holiday perfectly; lots of green, more shamrocks than you can count, the clinking of bottles and of course, the singing and dancing. Now that you (hopefully) have all that is necessary, it’s simple: learn the accent and sing away like the inner angry Irishman you truly are! Get drunk, get rowdy, or go swap stories with your grandpa and his friends. No matter how you celebrate it, everybody’s Irish tonight! éirinn go bràch!

Dropkick Murphys—”I’m Shipping Up To Boston”
Flogging Molly—”Seven Deadly Sins”
The Blood of Cu Chulainn
Greg Joy—”Morrison’s Jig”
The Waterboys—”Fisherman’s Blues”
Flogging Molly—”Drunken Lullabies”
Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman—”The Kiss”
The Dubliners—”Rocky Road to Dublin”
Shaun Davey—”The Witches Reel (from Waking Ned Devine)”
Drunken Sailor—”Irish Rovers”

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