On The Rise: 5 Seconds Of Summer And The Vamps

Look out ladies; your next cougar crush is about to appear in the form of two more accent-clad, handsome bands known as 5 Seconds of Summer and The Vamps. Though it is quite a shame that all of the members of both bands are under 21, but they make up for it by being insanely talented. It’s quite inspiring to watch as these groups are climbing the charts, with a unique twist: Between the two, there is only one song released in America.

5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian band made up of four members: Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Luke Hemmings. Luke, Michael, and Calum initiated work as a band by posting YouTube covers of songs from bands such as All Time Low and Blink 182 (which are still up on their YouTube channel) and then Ashton finally joined to pull it all together. The popularity of 5SOS comes from social media, and thanks to their immense popularity on Twitter and Facebook, their first EP landed the number 3 spot on Australian iTunes charts. 2012 was spent writing for artists, and then Louis and Niall of One Direction tweeted links to their YouTube, which only skyrocketed their popularity internationally. Throughout most of 2013, 5SOS actually opened for One Direction on their Take Me Home tour, in November they announced they signed to Capitol Records. Mind you, nothing has been released in the United States. Finally, in February of 2014, their first single, “She Looks So Perfect” was put up for preorder, and in two days went to number one in 39 countries. The single hasn’t even been released yet (comes out April 1st!), but the video is up, and it’s worth the view. While you may assume that they fall under the typical boy band image due to their touring buddies, but they are more along the All Time Low vibe, which would only make sense due to their close friendship with ATL.

The Vamps are a bit more unknown compared to 5SOS. Formed in 2012, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans, James McVey, and Brad Simpson are just beginning. They also went the route of YouTube covers, much like 5SOS. They’ve opened on UK tours for artists like McFly, The Wanted, Little Mix, and Taylor Swift. Their first single, “Can We Dance” was released in the UK in September 2013, which debuted at number two on the charts. Their next single, “Wild Heart,” was released in January 2014 and charted (UK) at number 3. In February 2014, their third single, “Last Night” was played on UK radio. “Wild Heart” was released in the United States in February.  Their album will debut this April.

The phenomenal point to be made about both of these bands is that they not only have yet to release full EPs or albums here, but they were able to sell out headlining shows and tours. The Vamps played a show in New York on February 19th. The day before, 5SOS announced a ten-date tour here in the United States, and each show sold out within hours. The fact that without any music at all these bands were able to have that kind of reception is incredible, because it shows the power of social media at its finest. Through countless Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube posts, the fandoms for both fans have spread massive attention, and won’t be long before there are more dates announced for those fans who are feeling left out. Take a few minutes and listen to the music linked for both bands and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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