It’s My Birch In A Box!—March 2014

Welcome to my newest monthly feature covering what I get in my Birchbox! For those unfamiliar, Birchbox is a company that sends personalized samples of different beauty and lifestyle products each month in a box. Lovely, right? You can then go online and order full-size products that you enjoyed.

I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally am loving it so far because I go to a university far away from any major city or shopping area so I don’t get to shop much. I also love getting things in the mail and trying new things, so this kind of stuff thrills me way too much.

This was my first month getting it, so each month I’ll be reviewing the products I get in my box and encouraging you to share your own! Let’s get started!

Gilchrist & Soames | London Collection Body Lotion | Full-size $16


I have never really been a huge lotion fan (I say that as a disclaimer), so I was a little underwhelmed at seeing this in my box. I normally have oily skin, which means I don’t have much use for lotion. But this winter has been particularly harsh, so I tried this almost immediately. It went on a little sticky—I’d definitely recommend putting this on when you have a minute or two to let it sit. But when it did dry, it felt lovely. It’s extremely creamy and makes your skin soft without making it slippery. The scent is a little too similar to a hotel bar soap for me, but it’s not overly strong. This was overall not bad, but I’ll stick with my go-to products.

Supergoop! | City Sunscreen Serum | Full-size $20–$42


I am a major culprit of not wearing sunscreen. I try to buy foundation that at least has a little in it, but I definitely needed this product in my life. It’s feather light but still moisturizes and is so easy to apply. I’m, again, not crazy about the scent, but I think I can get past it. I think I might have to purchase this guy, for my skin’s sake.

Agave | Healing Oil Treatment | Full-size $24–$40


I have officially seen the light that is agave oil, sweet merciful Lord. I have very dry and frizzy hair because I blow-dry it daily and let my friends dye it in my kitchen with bleach, so this product was a savior for me. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but it always seemed to pricy for me. This made my hair so soft and silky, I can’t even. I need to invest in this now. If you have dry hair or it tends to frizz, give this stuff a try.

theBalm | How ‘Bout Them Apples? Cheek and Lip Cream | Full-Size $32 


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I’m a sucker for cute packaging so this caught me right away. It’s a cute shade of lip and cheek tint that gives you a pop of color. Since it’s getting warmer, I’ve been looking for stuff that is not heavy lipsticks. I really did like this for that, but when using it on your lips, it dries them out and can be cakey. Make sure you use a balm before. As for your cheeks, it kind of disappeared on mine to be honest, but maybe for someone fairer it might work well. I would purchase this for a lip tint if it was a bit cheaper.

Mighty Leaf | Tea Pouches | Full-size $9.95


We here at Literally Darling sure love our tea and I was so jazzed to see this in my box. I only got around to trying the Earl Grey, but what I will say is it was lovely. I love strong tea and I only had to steep this for a few minutes to get the flavor I liked. It smelled amazing and had the perfect amount of smokey flavor. I need this in my life ASAP.

BONUS: Ghirardelli Square | Intense Dark Cherry Tango Chocolate 

Intense sure does cover it, wowzers. This was very dark chocolate with a little bit of a cherry kick and almond crunch. I’m not sure I’d reach for this if you don’t like bold flavors. I think I’ll stick to milk chocolate. I’m a simple lady.

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  • Completely agree Kristin on the lotion. I opened it up and instantly thought, “This smells like a musty seaside hotel in Cornwall.” Agave oil is quite literally magic unicorn oil – none of the other hair oils I’ve tried have worked as well on frizzy curls. However in my box I did get a face cream that might be the first thing to ever make me consider switching from Philosophy’s “Hope in a Jar” as it’s just as light and I like the dispenser better.

    – Katie

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