How I Remember My Mother: A Response To The “How I Met Your Mother” Finale (SPOILERS)

I have zero patience and decided to ruin the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale for myself.

**If you’re a HIMYM fan and have any self-control, I applaud you but I also am going to warn you that the rest of this article is a SPOILER ALERT**

What’s interesting about what I’ve discovered by spoiling the end of HIMYM is how similar the finale is to story of my own parents.

Apparently, Ted started telling the story of how he met his children’s mother six years after she died. This year is the sixth year since my mom died. And apparently, after The Mother passes away, Ted gets back with Robin; Robin being a woman he fell in love with before he met The Mother. After my mother passed away, my dad got back with someone who is now my stepmom; my stepmom being a woman my dad fell in love with before he met my mom.

I am not a die-hard HIMYM fan, but from what I’ve gathered from my trolling of finale spoilers is that the end of the show has left HIMYM fans in a major split between loving and hating the ending. While I feel like that reaction goes with the end of any hit TV show—and maybe I am taking a TV show finale too seriously—the parallels between the HIMYM story and my own story have left me in awe.

For starters, I don’t actually know how my parents met. I also don’t know the full story behind my stepmom, just that she’s a woman my dad once dated before my mom. Truth be told, initially I was outraged when I found out that my dad got back together with someone he had history with before my mom. But the HIMYM finale only reiterates my conclusion to my dad’s dating history and really history in any relationship, period.

I saw my dad with my mom, and now, I see him with my stepmom. And from what I’ve seen, I can honestly say that the only thing more important than who we fall in love with is how we fall in love.

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Maybe my mom was carrying a yellow umbrella when she met my dad, who knows? But what I do know is that just because their love story had to end—and just because my dad started a new chapter with someone else, especially someone from his past—doesn’t make his story with my mom a waste of time, like how some people have reacted to how Ted and Robin reunion in HIMYM.

Six years after my mom has passed away, and I would love to hear the story of how my dad met my mom. But regardless of how that played out (which hopefully doesn’t take a nine-year TV show series to explain), what keeps me going is that it isn’t important how my dad met my mother—what’s important is how we remember my mother.

And what I remember about my mom is that, like The Mother on HIMYM, my mother is a character that would’ve won audiences all over the world.

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  • You are absolutely right – but that is not the problem people have with himym :) The problem is that writers completely ignored characters development. It is not about the fact that Ted got back with Robin. It is about HOW they wrote it. They spent entire SEASON trying to convince us that Barney and Robin are gonna work out, that Ted has moved on, that people change – and then in one episode they ruined it, not because it made sense but because 9 years ago they had a plan. So they changed everything they could without thinking that it is rubbish. People have problems because they feel betrayed by writers. I could easily believe in Ted and Robin if it would make sense – but sorry, it doesn’t.

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