Six Hair Products We Swear By

When you put a ton of women in a room (even virtually), you can guarantee you’ve got a fair representation of a million different hair types each with their own special requirements. Hell even if you put all frizzy curly haired women together, chances are each would have their own tips and tricks that do and don’t work, and it still wouldn’t be a universal crossover. So we thought we’d compile a master list of our Magic Hair Products that we can’t live without.

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Agave Oil for Curly & Frizzy Hair: Shockingly this oil seems to work better for me than the mystical Argan oil, as it helps tame my crazy big hair curls when both wet and dry. It’s also such a light oil that I don’t get gross dirty hair look by the end of the day. —Katie


John Frieda Colour Refreshing Hair Gloss: As someone who loves her really blonde, really fine, gets-dirty-easily hair and is petrified of doing anything to it not at a salon (and even then it’s a tense process), I can honestly say this hair gloss has changed my life. It doesn’t color your hair, but it does make it healthier-looking and shiny, and it always looks less damaged when I’m done. Plus, it’s not expensive. At all. —Haley


A plain-jane wide-toothed comb: If your hair is fine like mine and tangles up really easily, the best investment you can make (and it’s a cheap investment!) is a wide-tooth comb. If you’re using a brush or a small comb  to detangle your wet hair, you’re doing it wrong, and causing lots of breakage. Your hair will thank you if you spend a few bucks on a new comb! —Haley

Silk Therapy: I put this in my (thick, wavy) hair before I blow-dry to make sure it stays soft and doesn’t pouf. I use a smaller amount when I’m air-drying to keep the curls together. There’s a bit of a sticker shock when it comes to price but one bottle lasts me 6 months+. Also, RIP Back to Basics who have been out of business for years but whose coconut mango shampoo I have hoarded and still use because there is NOTHING better for my hair. —Erin


Hot Tools Tiny Flat Iron: I have fairly thin hair and a short haircut, so no straightener has worked better for me than the mini ones. I’m currently using a Hot Tools version, and the smaller plates mean that I can straighten smaller sections of my hair, which keeps up the illusion that my hair is naturally straight instead of flattening huge chunks of it all at once. Also, let’s be real – it’s zebra striped and adorable. —Michelle


Curling Wands: Listen, I am completely incapable when it comes to doing things with my hair. I can’t even French-braid and I have no patience. But even I have managed to do my hair without screwing up using a curling wand. For those extremely special occasions, it’s easy to use and looks pretty/natural without taking a million years to do so. —Erin

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