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While we don’t believe in unpaid internships, to be fully transparent, no one on Literally, Darling gets paid. We do this out of the love and the conviction of creating an online magazine catering to and written by twenty-something and millennial women (and some guys!), to provide a place where they can live outside of the stereotypes the media likes to attach to our generation and gender, and without being grouped into a niche.

And we hope you have that same conviction. Right now we are looking for an intern for this summer. Most work will be social media geared, however you can work with our editorial board to design an internship around your strengths. All applicants must be college students.


  • Social Media promotion across platforms and sites
  • Establish relationships with similar sites
  • Help brainstorm and generate social media content and strategies with our social media editor
  • Help with special projects, giveaways, and occasionally live-tweet events
  • Work with the editorial board and social media editor on various projects
  • Finding lots and lots of GIFs


  • Experience with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, G+, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Reliable internet and email access
  • Facebook availability (much of our planning and organizing is done via a private Facebook group)
  • Writing and editing skills, graphic design skills are a plus
  • Flexible schedule and 10–12 hours a week


  • Some bangin’ references and an awesome addition to your resume (and also a beautiful letter of recommendation). Seriously we’ve given references and folks have been hired.
  • Access to women in multiple professions across multiple states (and countries) who you will be working closely and forming professional bonds with. (Well, semi-professional. How professional can you really be in a group of women who bond over cat GIFs?)
  • Experience and education.


Email with subject line “SUMMER INTERN”


  • Experience
  • Availability
  • Writing sample
  • A brief introduction about yourself and why you want to be our intern
  • A GIF of your choosing


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  • I’m going to voice a contrarian opinion here, but I want to start by explaining that it
    doesn’t come from any hatred or disrespect for this blog. I may not always
    agree with the views expressed in a particular article, but that very diversity
    of views being expressed on the same blog is admirable in itself. Any kind of
    contradiction or diversity is usually suppressed in blogs like this (in my
    experience), so the effort on the part of Literally, Darling to be more diverse
    and representative even at the risk of contradicting itself is important.

    That being said, it’s my opinion that restricting the offer of this internship to current
    college students is antithetical to that very goal of inclusiveness, diversity,
    and representation. I can understand (and respect) wanting to give college
    students an opportunity, but by excluding people who aren’t in college, you’re preventing the possibility of their voices to be heard, or at least the possibility of
    their voices to be heard as frequently as those who are in college. A decision
    like this implies that this blog (and its information and community) is
    intended only for those people who are in college or college educated. What
    about the voices of the people who couldn’t afford college, or the people who
    dropped out when they realized that their degree and experience wouldn’t get
    them a high enough paying job to dig themselves out of the debt they were
    amassing to get that degree and experience, or the people who saw that trend of
    skyrocketing costs of higher education and tried to avoid it, or the people who
    didn’t want what college is supposed to be about or give them? And my problem
    isn’t so much about this internship position requirement as it is about a trend
    in this blog: most (if not all, I’m not sure) of your content is written by people
    who followed the very specific life path of graduating college. It makes this
    blog feel insulated at best and classist and elitist at worst. The women of our
    generation are not all graduate students or pursuing a degree or even
    academics, and by shutting them out (even, or especially, unintentionally), you’re
    reinforcing the narrow-minded and ridiculous “spoiled, elitist, oblivious
    idealist” stereotype that other people try to put on us.

    Please consider making the blog more inclusive and looking past this biased mindset, because the goal of this blog is too important to allow an issue like this to mar its execution.

  • Hi Lillianrill,

    Thank you for thought-out comments and for understanding what we’re about on Literally, Darling, being an exact representation of our exaggerated selves – regardless of whether it’s popular, we all agree on it, or if it’s outside the norm. We strive to stick to the basic rule of writing – write what you know. That’s why one of our Editorial Board members wrote, “I Didn’t Go to College And I’m Glad” (, Eric discussed being the first in his family to ever graduate and the staggering difficulty of justifying the loans needed to so (, we’ve debated the merits of whether the drastic inflation costs of higher education and the student loans attached to them kept college from returning the investment ( as well as many others. We write about our experiences, and many of those have included college so it will always be a component of the site. However college education has never been a pre-requisite of submitting to our site – good writing, an interesting perspective, and being a twenty-something is all we ask, and we take guest submissions constantly. Anyone can submit an article for us to consider and we welcome and encourage them.

    As for the internship being limited to college students, that’s easy. For one it’s an internship for social media, not to be one of our writers. Anyone can submit to write for us outside of this and get their voices heard on our platform. Secondly it’s a matter of what we can do for them – no one gets paid and for our interns that really sucks. Interns SHOULD be paid, and we hate that we can’t offer that, especially since their promotion of our articles across social media is what helps LD reach our audiences. So what we can offer is the ability for them to get college credit for their work. If their school agrees, then maybe they can get three credits and save themselves a lot of money in the process. It’s our way of trying to offer some form of reparation for all their hard work, and for that reason this internship will always be for college students.

    Again, I thank you for your honest opinion – we never shy away from unpopular truths and if you would ever like to write a piece about the very topic you discuss, we’d love to see it. Email us at

    Katie Racine
    Editor-in-Chief & Founder

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