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I participated in an promotional campaign on behalf of HerCampus for European Wax Center. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed since I was 12. Don’t judge my mom, y’all. It was all me. I hated how wide my eyebrows were, so I begged and pleaded until a wax became part of my monthly routine. I literally have brow hair growing as high as my forehead and as low as my eyelid. Granted, I have light eyebrows so it’s not as terribly obvious as it may seem. But for me, there is nothing that ruins my perfectly made-up face quite like brows that aren’t thinned out and finely shaped. I’ve done it all—tweezing, threading, trimming. Waxing is, in my opinion, the only way to go.

For years I have been unable to get the perfect wax. Either my aesthetician is not friendly enough, the wax is too hot, the shape isn’t right, the pain is too much or the redness lasts for hours. I have dreamt for more than 10 years of the perfect wax, and I am so excited to share with all of you that I have found it at European Wax Center.

Referred to me about six months ago from a very close and very hairy friend of mine, European Wax Center was touted as the best wax she’d ever had. For her, a monthly wax session consists of eyebrows, lip, lower back, bikini and underarms, so when she says a salon is good, you can bet it really, truly is. I booked my free appointment (yes, I said free—all first-time customers get one complimentary wax to test out the salon), fell in love with the experience and the rest is history.

European Wax Center is different for many, many reasons, but most noticeably they’re unique because waxing is all they do. Every licensed aesthetician has her own private waxing room filled with only products geared toward gorgeous, healthy skin. EWC looks at waxing as a pampering to your skin as opposed to ruining it in the name of being hair free. Waxes are by appointments only (or as they call them, “reservations”) because your waxing, if even only a lip or eyebrow, will take about 20 to 30 minutes from check-in to check-out. I find this attention to the process the key to what makes EWC different.

You are greeted at the front door by smiling, but genuine, receptionists who give you an estimation of when your aesthetician will be ready for you. When your aesthetician is ready she personally meets you in the lobby and walks you back to the waxing room, where you discuss for as long as you want exactly the results you want from the wax. You talk about your skin type, your reaction to past waxes, what your daily skin care regimen is. There is no pushy feel to it, as is with most nail salon waxes. You aren’t a number in a line at EWC, you are client who is going to get exactly what you want from their services.

Once you decide you’re ready, the waxing process at EWC begins. The have what they call the  “4 Steps to Gorgeous™” process:

1) Cleanse:  Pre-wax cleanser removes makeup, oil or lotion from your skin.

2) Protect:  Pre-wax oil is applied to ensure the wax adheres to pesky hairs and not your skin.

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3) Reveal:  EWC’s unique Comfort Wax™ gently removes the hair for a virtually painless experience.

4) Rejuvenate:  Your skin is pampered with either EWC’s Ingrown Hair Serum (for body) or Calming Cream

When they say “virtually painless” they really mean it. I have never had a wax that hurt as little as EWC. Yes, you are pulling out hair so it does hurt. But with EWC’s “Protect” step and their “Comfort Wax™”, you truly don’t feel that ripping effect most waxes are known for. In addition to the experience during the wax, there is very little to no pain after the wax. I have the most sensitive skin a lot of my aestheticians say they have ever seen. So for me, the fact that I can walk out of European Wax Center and not have beet-red skin surrounding my eyebrows is reason enough to go there exclusively.

If you still haven’t got your mom a gift for tomorrow’s Mother Day celebration, consider treating her to a perfect wax at EWC as a fun girl’s day out activity. When you book yourself for any services at European Wax Center on the phone and say the code “Her Campus” through May 31, your mom can get a matching service of her choice for free! Find your nearest European Wax Center location here and call to make a reservation! In addition, you can also enter European Wax Center’s Mother’s Day sweepstakes to win beauty treatments for your mom! Check out European Wax’s Facebook and Twitter pages for opportunities to win!

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