Mother’s Day With A Medium

Most people celebrate Mother’s Day by at least giving their mother a card. For the last seven years, I’ve written letters to my mom knowing full well that I will never get a response back, since she’s no longer alive. However this Mother’s Day, I sought out a response I knew I may never receive. This Mother’s Day, I went to a medium.

Truthfully, I came into the session knowing only one thing for certain: The medium I turned to is Monica Ten-Kate (also referred to as Monica the Medium), and she’s someone who I had Spanish class with back in high school.

Monica began the session with, “and so it is…”

And so it was—the response to all my letters that has been so long anticipated.

Although the result of talking to a medium is something I have wanted for so long, at first—I was petrified. I’m such a control freak, and in a situation like this, control is not a factor to be considered. The medium sent me a disclaimer PDF before we got started and one thing that really stuck out to me was the point stating that a medium cannot guarantee that any spirit will reach out. With this said, I had no clue how and if I should react and believe whatever I was getting myself into because I didn’t want to find myself vulnerable for something that would just wind up being a fraud.

But within moments, the session would leave me feeling anything but fooled. First, Monica started describing my mom’s personality based off of the information she was receiving, which is interpreted through a combination of symbols, words, sentences, feelings, pictures, and little movies that flash in her head. Those are the things that she claims she sees, but what I saw is what truly made me believe in her—and even better, what made me believe in my mom.

When my mom first arrived to Monica, Monica instantly started laughing. Apparently my mom was talking at lightning speed and cracking jokes, which is a very accurate portrayal of who she was and this instantly gave me a very accurate portrayal of what validation feels like. After my mom introduced herself to Monica, she went through the line of relatives she wanted to leave messages for, followed by advice for me ranging from family and financial advice to calling me out on being a hopeless romantic, which is actually SO typical of her!

Just as it would be unfair to anyone reading this article to not discuss the vitalness of validation during this process, the same can be said for Monica when she gives her readings. When Monica shared with me the messages my mom was sharing with her, she would make sure to ask if this information is something relatable or if  it seems like she’s making it all up. Monica also emphasized that she doesn’t want the person she is reading to give her or volunteer ANY information, unless she explicitly asks for information that isn’t coming clearly to her. She does this because she wants to make her reading as authentic as possible. For example, she knew I wanted a reading from my mom because of Mother’s Day, but I didn’t tell her when/how my mom died. However, at one point in the conversation, Monica mentioned how her heart was beating fast and she kept hearing and seeing my mom communicate the word, “floor.” Without giving her any information outside of a yes or no response, Monica put together the pieces that my mom died from arrhythmia, which is a rare form of a heart attack.

I realize how ridiculous this all sounds, and maybe it is, but at least I’m ridiculously happy. While it seems ludicrous to believe in mediumship, I rather be considered crazy if it means I’ll receive the answers I’ve been searching for. And in all honestly, during the readings I actually felt so much more comforted than I ever thought I could. So many things, things that were sacred between my mother and I, were somehow validated by someone who could have never known by herself.

Though I won’t share everything that was said in the session, I will say this—the medium only emphasized something I should have never denied. My mom is not buried and gone unless I allow her to be, but there’s also a fine line between acknowledging that while still living my life and allowing her to rest in peace.

Sometimes I wonder if closure is a concept we’ve made up in order to give us something attainable when what we need is so seemingly unattainable. And you could definitely say that about mediumship, too. But I want to set the record straight that I absolutely don’t regret a single second of my time with the medium. In fact, I couldn’t be more thankful for Monica. There may be no scientific proof behind her readings, but after my mom died, I’ve found myself finding relief in believing in things bigger than myself. Some may call that denial, but I call that faith.

I do want to clarify that this article’s purpose is far from serving as a declaration to mark a stance on the conspiracy of mediumship, but rather, my own personal declaration for validation of breaking the barriers of a channel of communication that I realize may never actually be capable of being broken. I just wanted to know my letters to my mom, and my constant thoughts about her, weren’t a complete waste of space. I just wanted to do whatever it would take to see/hear/witness the reaction my mom would have had over a Mother’s Day card I will never be able to give her.

And after my one-on-one with Monica, I am (ironically) dead serious when I say I got more than a response to all my letters that I have longed validation for—an hour long session with a medium gave me the closest thing to having my mom on Mother’s Day.

And so it is… wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to every mother, here and gone.

Monica the medium is a young and energetic 20-year-old medium. She may be young but she has an old soul, and has given readings for people of all ages. Monica has the gift of communicating with those who have crossed over to the Other Side. She uses these abilities to connect with your loved ones and deliver healing messages from them. Monica gives medium readings in Northern Virginia and State College, Penn., (where she is known as “The Penn State Medium”), as well as over Skype. You can learn more about Monica by visiting her website, liking her Facebook page or following her on Twitter @MonicatheMedium.

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