Oh man, let me tell you about these guys. One evening a song humbly came on my Pandora station, and I immediately liked it. That then led to me obsessively listening to it 15 more times on YouTube. By the slip of the finger I clicked on another song. And then another. And another. And that is when I got absolutely hooked on Little Comets. These British blokes have quite a sound—an amazing combination of The 1975, The Kooks and Vampire Weekend. And you’ll soon understand why I can’t stop listening to them… maybe you’ll have the same problem as well. Enjoy!

“Jennifer”—Little Comets

“Little Italy”—Little Comets

“Violence Out Tonight”—Little Comets

“W-O-E”—Little Comets

“Waiting in the Shadows”—Little Comets

“The Western Boy”—Little Comets

“Sempahores on the Lawn”—Little Comets

“A Little Opus”—Little Comets

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