NEWS: Yes, That’s A Turkish Official Kicking A Protester

Crisis in Turkey continues to escalate. Following a tragic mine fire and collapse, which claimed more than 300 lives, the political unrest facing Turkish leadership surged. First, a member of Prime Minister Erdogan’s staff was photographed kicking a restrained protester. Then, the Prime Minister himself was caught on tape lashing out at a demonstrator. In the video, Erdogan is heard saying, “If you boo the country’s prime minister, you get slapped.” Check back Friday for an in-depth look at what has caused months of protest in Turkey.

Everything’s coming up marriage equality! Same-sex marriage bans are just getting struck down left and right, as Oregon and Pennsylvania became the latest states with bans struck down as unconstitutional. As the 10-year anniversary of Massachusetts becoming the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in the U.S. passed this week, marriage equality advocates celebrated the now 19 states with full marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Israel stirs Palestinian anger with the shooting of two teens. Video of the fatal shooting went viral this week, while the hashtag #Justice4NadeemAndMuhammed is being used to spread awareness. The 15-year-old and 17-year-old were throwing rocks outside a Ramallah prison as part of a protest marking the 66th anniversary of Palestinian displacement caused by the creation of the Israeli state in 1948.

Car bombs kill 118 in Nigeria. Unrest continued in the African country, where Boko Haram has been in conflict with the government. Explosions were caused by twin bombs hidden in a truck and a minivan in the business district of Jos, a city in central Nigeria. The conflict came to the forefront of international media recently when Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls and reportedly forced them into marriages with militants. The Nigerian government has been under fire for not doing enough to combat the group or save the girls.

Floods strike Balkan states. Following massive rainfall, Bosnia and Serbia declared states of emergency due to extreme flooding that has caused destruction across the Balkan region. Floods and landslides have forced tens of thousands to evacuate, while huge swathes of Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently underwater. In Bosnia, part of that territory is a former minefield, a potential problem for clean-up crews. A death toll has not been released.

India elects a new prime minister. Narendra Modi, a former tea seller who rose to prominence with the Hindu nationalist BJP party, will be the new prime minister of the world’s largest democracy. Modi’s win marked what some are calling the end of dynastic rule for the Gandhi family, long a mainstay in national politics. But Modi also has a sordid past, having played a role in the deadly anti-Muslim Mumbai riots of 2002.

Protests in Vietnam. Anti-China demonstrations drew thousands into the streets after China moved an oil rig into the disputed South China Sea. Protests became violent this week, with demonstrators setting fire to Chinese-owned businesses as well as those under Taiwanese ownership, targeted due to the also disputed claim China holds over Taiwan. Despite arrests by the government, protests continue and many Chinese nationals are evacuating the country.

Thailand declares martial law. Following the decision to end a state of emergency, martial law has been declared by the army due to months of protests. The implementation of the decision was handled by the army as well, though officials insisted no coup was taking place.

Nice try, EU Court. Some dude in Spain is displeased because people can find out he was in debt back in the 1990s, so an EU court has ruled that Google needs to honor requests for the removal of personal information. Like that’s actually going to work at all how they imagine it will.

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