Shopaholic: 5 Ways To Fight The Urge To Splurge

By Danielle Bagworth

Have you ever looked at your bank balance at the end of the month and just wondered where on earth your money has gone? I’m guilty of this, but with all of the different fashion trends and the ever-changing stock in stores, I just can’t help myself! My wardrobe is so full that it doesn’t even close, but I can’t helping buying more to cram in. If this sounds like you, then you may have a slight shopping addiction, but worry not, I’m going to teach you just how to rein in your impulsive habit and control your spending!


1. Look Through Your Wardrobe Before You Shop

Before you shop, organise and sort through your mountain of clothes. Once everything is organised, look through your wardrobe. Sometimes, when you have too many clothes, you can forget about certain items and it’s even possible for things to get lost. However, sorting through them and looking at your clothes before you go shopping will ensure that you know just what you have. This can prevent you from buying similar pieces, which can save you a lot of money! When shopping, you will know exactly what you need.


2. Only Take Cash

With the advancement of technology, everything is done electronically. When you pay with your debit card, it doesn’t feel like you are physically handing over money, and so you are inclined to spend more. With cash, it is a completely different feeling. You think before you hand over the money and you can actually feel your heart sink when you realise that your purse is now empty. Think about what you need, and only take the required amount of cash with you. This means that you will only purchase the necessities, so even if you are tempted by other things, you won’t be able to buy them. Ensure that you leave any bank cards at home!


3. Don’t Buy Things That You Wouldn’t Pay Full Price For

It’s so easy to get sucked in by “SALE” signs. Sometimes you’ll go into a shop that you’ve never even thought about entering, simply because there are huge red SALE posters on the window. The problem with sales is that everything is so cheap, and we feel like it won’t matter if we spend a bit of money. However, “a bit” suddenly turns into a lot and you’ll most likely never wear any of those clothes. A useful philosophy to ingrain in your mind is to only buy something on sale if you would have paid full price for it. In most cases, the answer is probably a no, so you can put the items back onto the rack and step away.


4. Think About Whether It Makes You Feel Amazing

When buying clothes, make sure that you try them on in the changing rooms. Sometimes things can look amazing on a hanger but then make you look like a frilly cupcake when you try them on. We’re all guilty of buying something, taking it home, forgetting about it for months and then finding that it doesn’t even fit. Even if it feels like a chore, try everything on, and ask yourself whether it makes you feel amazing or not. If it doesn’t, place it back onto the hanger and hand it over to the shop assistant. Yes, you need to walk away. If you don’t love something, you don’t need it in your life!


5. Will Your Purchase Go With Other Items In Your Wardrobe

You might find the most amazing dress but then realise that you have nothing to wear it with. You’ll end up buying a whole new outfit based around that dress. This is a complete waste of money! Think about the clothes you are buying and whether they will actually go with things in your wardrobe. Again, this is where looking in your wardrobe before shopping comes in. If you are buying something for a special occasion, try and go for something that you can accessorise and wear again.


Make sure that you keep receipts for everything that you buy! This is great for those impulse purchases that you make, although after having read this, that should no longer be a problem. If a store has a no-returns policy, try things on and ensure that you are 100% happy with an item before committing to buy.


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Good luck, and happy saving!



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      This article was written by Danielle Bagworth, an avid fashion lover and self-proclaimed  shopaholic. She recommends ChicksRule for all of your shopping needs.

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