The 8 Best News Sources On Twitter

In recent years, Twitter has become a primary go-to for up-to-the minute news. The site is used by protest organizers and those looking to spread the word on what’s happening around the world, often times scooping traditional media outlets. It’s easy to keep one finger on the pulse of global affairs with just a few easy follows. Here are the best bets to make your newsfeed a useful source of information, one 140-character update at a time!

BBC @BBCBreaking

BBC has long been the international standard in reporting, and the station has a sprawling presence on Twitter. With @BBCBreaking, you are given a cross-section of breaking news from around the world, with frequent retweets from BBC’s more specific handles, such as Sports and World News. Pay attention to specific correspondents being retweeted, tooif you want to stay posted on a particular issue, they are often the best sources for up-to-the minute information from in-country.

Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish / Al Jazeera America @AJAM

Al Jazeera has gone from an Arabic language newbie to a critically acclaimed international news titan. Based in Qatar, Al Jazeera’s network covers underreported stories from around the world, with focus on the Global South. The still-new Al Jazeera America aims to do the same with a U.S. focus, bringing attention to little heard narratives. Follow either or both for backgrounders, video, and interactive features, as well as thought-provoking analysis on the latest global news.

NPR @nprnews

Is there any justification needed for following NPR? Tweeting out links to NPR content and analysis, everyone’s favorite radio station is a must-follow!

Ronan Daily@RonanDaily

By and large, 24-hour news networks in the US are the worst. But over at MSNBC, Ronan Farrow is putting a Millennial spin on the day’s top stories. Farrow is already a Twitter darling for his personal account, from which he tweets equal parts thought-provoking and hilarious updates. Follow Ronan Daily for a similarly balanced look at the stories being covered on the show.

Foreign Affairs @ForeignAffairs

Consider the flagship publication of the Council on Foreign Relations a go-to if you are up on the details, but want a more rounded understanding of an issue. The magazine has printed numerous ground-breaking works by government officials and thinkers (Clash of Civilizations is just one example that first ran in FA). But fear not—the magazine also runs a lot of fun think pieces, such as multiple “Game of Thrones” articles picking apart the political goings-on of Westeros.

Anderson Cooper @andersoncooper

Anderson Cooper is the undisputed silver-haired fox of reporting, and his Twitter melds his work for CNN with his epic takedowns of people who dare step to him. Follow for updates on where he is, what stories he’s covering, and the occasional reminder of why you should never call him out unless you’ve done all your homework on an issue.

The Economist @TheEconomist

If the hefty subscription price for this cornerstone of international news is a bit much, following on Twitter is the next best way to get all the latest from around the world. Follow for articles, video, and numerous charts.

Circa @Circa

This app-based source is revolutionary in that it aggregates articles from various publications to bring you the need-to-know information on numerous stories. Constantly updating, Circa is a valuable tool for developing stories.


What sources do you follow on Twitter?

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