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This month’s featured writer has had this owed to them for quite a long time. Joining us as our first copy editor, Erin has been correcting our grammar and helping us avoid being called out on Twitter for typos for nearly a year. On top of being an editor, she also writes for us, bringing her unique TV choices (RuPaul being her fave), straight talk about sex and relationships, and delicious recipes for food and desserts. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Erin is our go-to resource for all things music festivals (feel free to hate her for having SXSW in her backyardwe do).

This past month though, Erin elevated herself to super-hero status. Since she apparently doesn’t sleep, she was the first to see our rather troubling hacker problem, and she acted instantly. Shouting to the rooftops “THE HACKERS ARE COMING, THE HACKERS ARE COMING,” Erin took decisive action, instantly deleted the spam, and in true TSA fashion, alerted the proper authorities so we could shut it down. And she did this not once, but three times, completely saving our asses. Therefore she deserves the highest of high fives and the much deserved title of writer of the month.

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You, darling, are fabulous and unique.  Shame can only bring you down and hold you back.  Don’t wait until you’re in your seventies to have no shamebe proud of who you are.  So tell your friends about that weird thing your stomach’s been doing, write about your past, or go see that show your friends aren’t interested inand rock the hell out of it.

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