Literally The Worst Things Ever

Twenty-Something Tuesday

Everyone has those “I literally cannot,” moments throughout the day. On this Twenty-Something Tuesday, we at Literally, Darling attempt to catalogue and visualize those incredibly maddening pet peeves, also known as  Literally the Worst Things Ever, through the internet’s universal language: GIFs.

Bullshit Thought Catalog articles:

MRAs trolling me on Twitter:

Biting my tongue, or the side of my mouth, and then unwittingly biting that same spot over and over again:

My computer being old and cranky, and taking forever to do anything:

Engagement ring photos from the same person every week:

Boys and men walking around with their underwear sticking out of their pants like they’re the shit:

Hospital patients wheeling with their IV saline out the front doors for a quick smoke break:

Excessive PDA:

Anything worthy of “Rich Kids of Instagram:”

“Lifestyle blogs” written by boring college kids:

Slow walkers:

Watching the pasta not boil for five minutes, walking away for 23 seconds and coming back to it boiling over:

Being in a hurry and realizing you forgot to turn on your heat tool 10 minutes ago when you thought you did:

Someone sitting next to you in an otherwise empty movie theater:


Sneezing on your period:

When your article due date is coming up and you still don’t know what to write:

People who assume archivists sit in dusty basements all day:


People who don’t read Harry Potter:

Being hungover:

When you let someone over and they don’t give you the courtesy wave:

Neighbors who let their dogs bark continuously for hours:

People who sweat all over the exercise equipment but don’t wipe it down:

Roommates stealing your food:

When people respond to long text messages with one word (or worse, one letter):

Trying to wash dishes and touching wet food:



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