DIY: Crochet Scarf

I love scarves, and I have about twenty that I rotate through my wardrobe during the winter. Some of them have been bought, some of them I have made. Crocheting is an easy way to add more scarves to your winter wardrobe. All you need is a crotchet hook, yarn, and some time. Scarves are an inexpensive DIY gift for everyoneafter all who does not like scarves? Most patterns are not complicated to learn and after some practice you can create some beautiful pieces for friends and family (and yourself). My babysitter taught me how to knit and crotchet when I was eight and I have been making gifts for my family ever since. Crocheting is as simple as making a knot using the hook and your finger.

I know it seems a bit counterintuitive to make a scarf during the summer since you will not be able to wear it without roasting, but it seems like everyone has more time in summer and crocheting can be a relaxing after work craft to do while you binge-watch your favorite summer shows. Once you get the basics down, creating a scarf is just repeating the pattern.

Here’s what you will need for a scarf:

1. One skein of yarn (they are typically sold in yards, so check that the roll has more than 150 yards or buy two), whatever color you want!

2. The yarn you select will typically tell you what size crochet hook to use, but I find that 6.5mm is a good size for basic scarves, no matter what type of yarn you are using.

3. Another skein of yarn in a different color (optional to add as fringe to the ends of your scarf)

Everything you crochet starts with a slip knot; just take the end of your yarn and wrap it around your left index finger, then pull the end through so there is an opening to slide your hook through. Then pull on both ends to tighten the knot.



After you have your chain, write down the amount of stitches in your chainthis is really important going forward because you might drop a stitch or have too many. Knowing the base number means you can undo the mistake. Another reason that looser stitches work better is that it is easier to count the stitchesthat way you know if you missed one or need to add one.

I recommend starting with a chain of 15 for your first scarf.

To create a double stitch:

Now that you have the double stitch down, it is time to continue with the rest of your scarf.

Ending your scarf is very easy. Take a pair of scissors and cut! I prefer to measure out about five inches from my last stitch. Then you are going to pull the loose yarn through the loop on your hook and tighten. Then just double knot the end and cut off the excess yarn!

Crocheting is an easy DIY gift and with this basic scarf pattern you can even make infinity scarves. Just make your starting chain longer, and then double stitch until you reach a width that you like.


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