Writer Of the Month: June

June’s writer of the month is inspired by the upswing in popularity we’ve seen in one of Rachel’s older articles, “My Boyfriend is 27 Years Older Than Me and It’s Not Big Deal.” Originally submitted as a guest article, it has continuously been a piece we’ve received quite a bit of feedback on, from the negative, “OMG WTF?” to hordes of women writing in saying, “Thank you, I, too, am dating an older man and nobody ever seems to understand us.”

That’s actually a common theme amidst Rachel’s writing; she tackles topics that people often have a lot of big misconceptions about, breaks them down, and shows you a more relatable side. A side even, that makes you second guess your own prejudices on the topic, whether it’s dating an older man, battling cancer, or working with the homeless. For that reason, and just because we love her, Rachel is our June Writer of the Month.

Must-Read Articles by Rachel:

The Art of Being a Woman in a Male Dominated Field

Misconceptions About Dating an Older Man

Melanoma and My Road to Inner Peace

Lessons the Homeless Have Taught Me

Favorite Quote by Rachel:

Some days, I have to go into the bathroom to calm myself down and force the tears back, and some days I look around the conference room, filled with men over 40, and I am proud: proud that I have earned my spot on this team, that I am young, that I am a woman, and that I am doing it.

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