The “Felicity” Drinking Game

By Becca Bleznak

I was a bit too young to watch “Felicity” during its original airing on the WB, but through the beauty that is Netflix, I stumbled across this late 90s gem recently. While watching, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, this happens ALL the time. This would be perfect for a drinking game.” Out of curiosity, I did a quick search, but I didn’t find any that I really liked… so I created my own. Try it if you dare, but be prepared to get completely sloshed. Enjoy!


Drink every time…

… You’re confused about who lives in what apartment/dorm.

… Someone says, “Can I talk to you for a second?” Or some variation of that…or just any time someone pulls someone else aside.

… Someone uses a pay phone. (Ah, pay phones, remember them?)

… Richard calls women something other than “girls.” Examples include: “mamas,” “fillies,” “chicas,” etc.

… Noel is at a computer (his or working on some else’s).

… Ben struggles to get a few words out. (Be cautious with this one: You may end up drunker than his lab partner, Trevor, at the Halloween party.)

… Someone gets served underage. This gets fuzzy in the fourth season, so make a judgment call.

… Ben calls someone a “dick.”

… Meghan says something condescending.

… Javier mentions Samuel, but we don’t see him.

… Felicity says “Well, the thing is…”

… There’s a monologue.

… Someone comes to their RA (Felicity, Meghan, Noel) and asks them a question.

… You feel second-hand embarrassment/awkwardness from the characters. (Make it a small sip though, please.)

… Felicity talks into a tape recorder.

… Sean has a new invention.

… Something shitty happens to Julie. (“Julie? Who’s Julie?”)

… Drugs are mentioned in reference to Molly. Where did she go anyway?

… Ben says, “I don’t want to talk about this,” and leaves the room. Two drinks if it’s in reference to his dad.

… Meghan walks into the dorm and walks out without saying anything.

… Meghan has some kind of colored hair extensions in.

… Javier tells Felicity that he loves her.

… Someone is drinking coffee.

… Elena and/or Tracy talk about sex (to each other or someone else).

… Julie plays the guitar/sings.

… You see someone from another WB show in a guest role.

… Felicity says, “Oh… OK.”

… Felicity’s hair is mentioned.

… Meghan talks about her box. (This isn’t meant as some kind of sexual allegory, is it?)

… A couple breaks up. Yes, even Meghan and Sean.

About Becca Bleznak

rebecca bleznakBecca is an indecisive 20-something living in Los Angeles. By day, she works as a content manager and social marketer at an SEO agency, and by night, she watches a lot of TV, and occasionally writes about it. She also has a case of wanderlust, which she attempts to satiate by traveling around SoCal with her dog and boyfriend in tow. An excessive amount of late live-tweeting and arbitrary observations can be found here.


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