Really E!? The “Botched Perfect Female Celebrity”

A Thank-You Letter to E! Online:

By Nakeisha Campbell

I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for creating the  botched “perfect” female celebrity!

Let me start off by saying that your creation is freaking gorgeous. There is nothitheperfectfelmalecelebng more attractive than seeing the body parts of several women clashed together in one muddled piece. And furthermore, there is absolutely nothing more empowering that seeing seven beautiful, successful women be reduced to a single body part.

After all, just the idea of valuing and respecting a woman’s body in its entirety is ridiculous. Who are we to believe that we’re more than slender legs, flat abs and silky hair? Obviously, women are just objects that can be broken apart, molded and pieced together by the public. So, E!, I want to thank you for this wake up call. Thank you so much for reminding me that women are no more than society’s lumps of clay.

Now, as you came up with this brilliant idea to help promote your new show, I imagine that you considered the awesome message that it would send to men and young boys. In fact, I imagine that your image of the “perfect” woman is already encouraging countless guys to see women as a pair of toned legs walking down the street, or maybe a torso with flat abs and a big chest, and this is just perfect! Because being cat-called by random guys who ogle parts of our bodies on the street is something that we absolutely love! With that one image, you managed to further degrade some of the most powerful women to body parts in a society that is already dominated by men, and I couldn’t be happier! I mean, what woman doesn’t aspire to be recognized as a sole attractive body part?

Also, I want to sincerely thank you for considering all the young girls who suffer from eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem. As soon as they lay their eyes on that stunning composition, I can guarantee you that they will feel strong, happy and confident in themselves. I can promise you that teens who struggle with their weight and body image will start to feel even more comfortable in their own skin. And I can assure you that young girls who obsess over their image will never, ever try to go to extreme lengths in order to achieve the “perfect” body image you created.

More and more young girls are starting to believe that it is perfectly fine to alter their looks and aspire to society’s twisted perception of beauty. Thankfully, we’ve got your composition to thank for spreading that lovely message! It shows our young girls that even the most powerful and influential women in the entertainment industry are not worthy of proper respect. And most of all, it emphasizes the importance of looking “perfect.”

It’s just impossible for a woman’s entire body to look beautiful naturally, and does get frustrating. In fact, there were times when I wished that I had Halle Berry’s ears, Demi Lovato’s fingers and Janelle Monae’s toes. But luckily, E!, we’ve got your image of the “Perfect Celebrity” to help save the day! Mila Kunis, Rihanna, Blake Lively, Sofia Vergara, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba and Carrie Underwood contain the perfect parts to a simply “perfect” puzzle. So thank you, E!, for setting the record straight and showing us what the ideal woman should really look like.


About Nakeisha

Nakeisha CampbellShe’s an ambitious 20-something-year-old who has a dangerous obsession with chocolate and young adult novels. After graduating from Baruch College with a degree in Journalism, she started her own blog for book reviews and show recaps, which she really enjoys. Other than sticking her nose in a book and typing away at her laptop, Nakeisha also enjoys baking, coffee, and long walks to the bookstore. If you visit your local Barnes & Noble, you just might find her sitting at the reading area with her face hidden behind a novel.

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