Artist Spotlight: Betty Who

Betty Who is a flawless human being and no one can say otherwise. She first caught my eyeor should I say earswhen her song “Somebody Loves You” was chosen in countless amount of engagement proposal videos. Upon checking her out I realized she was a genuinely beautiful soul with an even more beautiful voice. She sings about love in its purest fashionlike it’s poetryand is able to make you feel da feels (if ya know what I’m sayin’). Betty Who is rapidly gaining popularity because she is good (Literally, Darling first professed love for her in April), and all her songs are effortlessly catchy. I love everything about her and I hope you do too! Enjoy.

Somebody Loves You

Heartbreak Dream

All Of YouPeter Thomas (ft. Betty Who)

Right Here

You’re In Love


Alone Again

High Society



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