Writer Of The Month: July

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For the month of July we’re featuring a new face on for our Writer of the Month: Liz LaBrocca. She joined at the beginning of the summer in our call for writers, emailing us telling all about her love of food. Since starting on LD she’s been making all of our mouth’s water with scrumptious, simple, and healthy meals we can all make. Liz is great at not only giving you a recipe, but helping you engage with food and cooking in a relatable manner, how it’s sourced, and making the right decisions about it for yourself. Plus her food pics are just gorgeous, amiright?

About Liz: 

Liz is armed with a passion for food, degrees in sustainable food & farming and political science, and a serious Instagram problem. Her culinary style walks the line between hedonism and nutrition. She loves the color red, sci-fi movies, her miniature Australian shepherd, Zeppy, and fresh Krispy Kremes. When she’s not cooking she can be found squeezing more plants into her community garden, knitting like crazy, or traveling with her main man, Peter. Liz’s dream is to have a homestead where she’ll grow food and raise lots of chickens with a side hobby of world travel. You can find her writing about food, gardening, knitting, and life over at digthatdelicious.wordpress.com.

Articles You Need to Read by Liz:

Favorite Quote:

“I now place myself at the center of my food decisions. I eat first to nourish myself. I am trusting myself to know when I should meet my own needs before someone else’s. When my nourishment is sustainably procured, my decision-making is able to process more variables. I shop for local and organic produce at the co-op. I buy humanely raised meat and eggs. I might need to eat some supermarket brand bagged spinach every once in awhileand that’s OK.”

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