Remembering Robin Williams: Our Favorite Moments

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]ake a moment and close your eyes. Think back to your favorite childhood movies that you could quote to this day. Most of them had Robin Williams in it, didn’t they? “Aladdin,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Hook,” “Jumanji,” “Flubber,” “Happy Feet,” “Night at the Museum,” and the list goes on and on. As we grew older we found meaning in his more serious movies, “Dead Poets Society” touched your teenage angst, “Good Morning Vietnam” made a page in the history books a reality, “Death to Smoochy” was weird as hell and perfect. And let’s face it, “The Birdcage” is pretty much the best movie ever made, right?

Throughout our lives Robin Williams made us laugh, cry, and feel like it was okay if we weren’t quite like everyone else, because standing out from the crowd was far better. We will miss him dearly, but will celebrate him as he lived, with laughter and wit. So without further ado, here are our favorite Robin Williams’ moments.


“Iiiiitty bitty living space.”

This is one of the most iconic scenes from Disney’s “Aladdin,” which was one of Williams’ most popular roles, and where most of us first discovered him. It’s Williams’ genius at his best, with constant ad-libbing and little to no scripting, he created a role that to this day, most Millennials can still quote.

“Discovering Flubber”

The scene in “Flubber” where the Professor discovers Flubber and the various properties of it. This was one of the first movies that made it seem like there might be a scientist cooler than Bill Nye the Science Guy. It also made being an inventor/engineer seem like an extremely exciting (albeit dangerous) future profession.

“Mrs. Doubtfire Cooking”

Williams created one of the most iconic characters in film history when he donned a dress, rubber breasts, and an impeccable wig. In “Mrs. Doubtfire,” the leading character often finds himself in hot water. In this scene, that’s more literal than figurative.


“Male cats have that amazing thing where they walk around going ‘that’s mine’…‘I like that too…’”

While an iconic actor, Williams’ stand-up routine was not to be missed. His nonstop energy, countless voices, and often irreverent humor made you want to be careful not to drink too much while watching him. His “Live on Broadway” tour from the early 2000s was broadcast on HBO and ran the gauntlet from the presidency to The Bible, to cats being assholes, and everything in between. Most of it is on YouTube and you should definitely give it a watch.


“You do an eclectic celebration to the dance. You do Fosse, Fosse, Martha Graham, Martha Graham…”

“The Birdcage” is pretty much the ultimate dream team united with Williams and Robin Lane as a gay couple whose son is getting married to a very conservative Senator’s daughter. It’s as absurd and hilarious as the premise guarantees. In this clip, Williams is directing Lane’s newest routine in their drag club, and he brings out all his voices, moves, and fabulousness.


“Gooooooooooood Morning Vietnam”

The story of an Army radio broadcaster who brought levity, morale, and some much needed laughter to the soldiers and people seeing and experiencing death every day, Williams fights against censorship and the terrors of war with humor and music. This video gives a great overall feel for some of his best lines in “Good Morning Vietnam.”


“Paramecium Brain”

What better role for Williams than that of the boy who refused to grow up? In the 1991 “Hook” Williams plays the all grown up and stodgy Peter Pan, forced to return one last time to Neverland to find his kids. In this scene he goes from trying to treat the naughty Lost Boys like rowdy children to throwing food (and insults) with the best of them.


You should always face what you’re afraid of”

“Jumanji.” Is it the best movie of all time? Probably not. Is it another amazing performance by William’s that makes us want to watch it every time it comes on TV? Definitely yes.


“Good Will Hunting:” My wife farting

Matt Damon had no idea what was coming in this admittedly crude yet incredibly touching scene of two very different men unexpectedly cracking each others’ shells, as Robin Williams ad libbed the whole thing. Damon’s laughter is completely authentic, and that’s what makes the sceneand by extension, the rest of the movieso warm and human.


“What Dreams May Come”

Although picking a favorite scene is near impossible, this entire movie was a brilliant showcase for Williams. He may be best remembered for his comedic work, but “What Dreams May Come” tapped into a place of such raw emotion (through a visually stunning fantasy) that the viewer is left in absolute awe at Williams’ talent.


“Why do we read and write poetry?” 

We’re all passionate about something. “The Dead Poet’s Society” is about living, loving, providing inspiration, and making a difference in someone’s life. Williams did that for all of the Millennial generation as well as the generations above us and below us; his humor, his life, and his career made an impact on generations young and old alike.


“I can’t live without air, and I can’t live without them.”

In one of Williams’ most hilarious roles, he still manages to display a beautiful sense of vulnerability and emotion in this heart wrenching scene from Mrs. Doubtfire.


“It’s not your fault.”

It’s not your fault, either, Robin.


“I’m free” 

The most bittersweet scene in “Aladdin,” when Genie finally gets his freedomand Aladdin loses his best friend. Today we all feel like Aladdin as we say goodbye and wish our forever Genie a much loved final farewell.



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