5 Tips For Staying Hydrated: The Other Cold Water Challenge

Now from the headline, I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m going to rant about the benefits of drinking water. I’m not going to go on and on about how it makes your skin clearer, gives you more energy or whatever, because let’s face itwater is boring.

But like spicing up broccoli by oven roasting or adding some veggies into your favorite stir fry, there are ways to make drinking your recommended H20 fun. Here are some great tips for staying hydrated.

1. Get the tools

Invest in a water bottle that suits your lifestyle. If you like taking breaks during your workday, buy a water bottle that doesn’t hold too much fluid. It’ll allow you to take a break to fill up. Don’t want your water bottle to cramp your style? Bottles come in different styles, including glass (but if you’re clumsy, don’t buy one like that. Trust me). Pick one that’s right for you and take it everywhere.

2. Rise and shine

Water can be part of your morning routine. Keep a steel water bottle near your bed or cold in the fridge. It’ll feel soothing and get you ready for the day. For an extra metabolism boost, squeeze some lemon juice into your water. It’ll taste great too.

3. Get fruity

Speaking of putting a twist on water, if you get bored of the plain water taste, there are plenty of ways to get creative. Put some frozen fruit in your water bottle. It’ll add some flavor and be a treat when you finish up. Fruit not your thing? Try putting in some mint leaves. It’ll be super hydrating and fresh.

4. Make it a game

There are numerous apps that can track your water consumption and assess your progress. My favorite is Waterlogged. It allows you to enter different ounce amounts and gives you a goal for different times during the day. Be sure to read these correctly, thoughI accidently chugged two bottles of water when really I only needed a glass because I entered my amounts incorrectly. NOT GOOD.

5. Treat yoself.

Like any health goal, it’s important to remember when you’re making progress. Set goals for yourself, such as drinking a glass of water in the morning for five mornings. When you complete it, treat yourself to something like a manicure or binge-watching your favorite TV show.

Let me know your top tips in the comments! 

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  • I keep a big pitcher of cucumber-lemon water in my fridge, the fun flavor definitely encourages me to drink more! Also, I’m a big fan of flavored seltzer (the kind without sugar) – a lot of supermarkets always have good sales on liter bottles so I stock up and sometimes drink a bottle a day. The fizziness is sometimes all the change I need to stay hydrated – and it helps satisfy that stray soda craving.

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