Writer of the Month: August

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The first time I met Angela, she’d decided my sister had not answered her texts quickly enough, and so she’d come over, stormed the back gate, and arrived in the middle of dinner. Of course she was immediately invited to join, and Angela was all too happy to tuck in to Mom’s cooking. Within about thirty seconds she had the entire family in stitches, and within five minutes she was practically another member of the family and arguing politics with the parents. And that’s Angela in a nutshell – never shy about speaking up, unabashedly delightful, and with a sassy streak a mile long. So when we went looking for writers for LD, Angela was a clear choice, and she’s been with us from nearly the start.

During that time she’s not only grown as a writer, but has become an integral part of the group, bringing attention to topics we need to be better at covering, not being scared to dig her heels into researching difficult topics, and always willing to say what no one else will. Since she’s about to start a hell-month at school and take her LSATs, we thought we’d give her a little boost and a well deserved nod as August’s Writer of the Month.

Must Read Angela Articles: 


Best Angela Quote: 

“The first time someone told me that I “didn’t sound like a black girl,” I didn’t think too much about it. I was aware that I was more articulate than many of my peers in high school; after all, my mother drilled proper grammar into my head. The second time, I heard it, as a junior in high school I understood what was really being said. What exactly does a black girl “sound” like? Do you mean her accent? Are we talking about her diction? We black girls come in all shapes, sizes and sounds! Unfortunately, this is a statement that I have heard from people of all colors, and sometimes I just want to ask, “Did you just hear yourself, or is the dumbass filter not on today?”

I’m Black, Not an Alien

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