Your September Netflix Binge List

A new month brings a new batch of TV shows and movies to Netflix streaming. Here are our top picks and why they’re worth a watch!

“Good Morning, Vietnam” (1987)

For anyone who didn’t get their Robin Williams fix from “Hook,” “Jumanji” or “Aladdin,” I present to you “Good Morning, Vietnam,” a comedy about an armed-forces radio DJ who is sent to Vietnam during the war as a morale booster for the troops, where he lands in trouble. Loosely based on a true story, “Vietnam” is a side-splitting classic, directed by Barry Levinson (the executive producer of “Oz” and BBC America’s wildly popular “Copper”), also starring Forest Whitaker. Looking for another Williams favorite? “Flubber” was also added to streaming this month.

“Lords of Dogtown”

A dramatic take on a true life story, “Dogtown” stars Emile Hirsch, Heath Ledger and John Robinson as the “Z-Boys,” who pioneered skateboarding in California’s Venice Beach area. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the film is certainly far from a documentary look at what happened but is nonetheless entertaining and a fun film, if you don’t take it too seriously. For a more true to life look at the “Z-Boys” try watching “Dogtown and Z-Boys,” also available on Netflix streaming.

“Small Apartments” (2012)

The casting of “Small Apartments” is pure comedic genius in itself. Starring Matt Lucas of “Little Britain” fame, Billy Crystal and Juno Temple, “Apartments” tells the story of Franklin Franklin, a man whose landlord is dead, while he sits unfazed by police questioning about the murder, waiting for a letter to arrive that will set him free. It’s completely as bizarre as it sounds. With large doses of dark humor, a murder-centric plot and a quirky protagonist, “Apartments” isn’t for everyone, but if you like unusual comedy films this one is practically guaranteed to please.

“Silver Linings Playbook” (2012) (Sept. 16)

Who doesn’t love a good Jennifer Lawrence movie? “Silver Linings” also stars Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro and is adapted from the novel of the same name by Matthew Quick. Cooper plays Pat, a bipolar man who moves back in with his parents after a stint in a psychiatric ward and then tries to piece his life back together, including his relationship with his wife. Funny, heartwarming and romantic, “Silver Linings” was nominated for eight Academy Awards, including the “Big Five,” and was a smash at the box office.

“The Blacklist” Season 1 (Sept. 7)

There’s just enough time to catch up with “The Blacklist” before season 2 premieres on Sept. 22. “Blacklist” stars James Spader as Red, a man from the FBI’s most wanted list who agrees to work for them under the condition that he will only work with rookie FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen. It’s revealed that through his years in the criminal underworld Red developed a blacklist of criminals who are dangerous to society and are unknown even to the government. The two work together to take down the criminals on his list as Red’s own story is slowly revealed. Dramatic and suspenseful, “Blacklist” was a ratings smash hit, leaving fans clamoring for a second season.

“About a Boy” Season 1 (Sept. 14)

Not to be confused with the movie of the same name, “About a Boy” stars David Walton, Minnie Driver and Benjamin Stockham and is a fresh new take on Nick Hornby’s 1998 novel. Walton plays Will, a successful songwriter whose carefree life takes a turn for the dramatic with the arrival of single mother Fiona and her 11 year old son next door. If you love it, the good news is it’s already been renewed for a second season to air on NBC on Oct. 14.

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