Five Minutes, Five Products: Your New Lazy Everyday Makeup

I don’t know about you, but when I wear everyday makeup, I want it to take as little time as possible. I’m a master of trying to figure out shortcuts to my beauty routine, just so I can spend five more minutes in bed (it makes a difference when it’s like 8 a.m.).

Via severe laziness, I’ve figured out how to do a makeup routine that takes approximately five minutes and uses five products. This regimen allows me time to do important things, like finish my episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” This routine can also minimize the amount of products you have to take with you when you’re traveling and the number of purchases you have to make at the drugstore.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.08.45 PM“How do you do this, Emily?!” you exclaim excitedly while anticipating the knowledge bomb I’m about to drop. We’ll make this explanation as short and painless as possible.

You’ll need:

  • Foundation or concealer
  • A pink or red tinted lip product
  • Eyeshadow in a dark brown color
  • Bronzer
  • Mascara

Step 1: Cover any blemishes.

If you have great skin tone but a few blemishes, you can use concealer for this step. Apply it in any trouble spots. However, if you’re a lady that likes all-over coverage, use a heavier foundation. Apply all over your face, and then double up in the spots that need concealing.

Step 2: Make those eyes pop

Take your bronzer and dip your finger into it (wash those hands first, of course). You’ll then use your finger to apply the bronzer all over your eyelid. Grab an angled brush, and dip it in some water. Make sure you don’t put too much water on, or your eye shadow palette will turn into watercolors. Pack the dark brown eye shadow onto your damp brush and apply to the top and bottom lash line as eyeliner. If you’re not an eyeliner fan or just don’t like pointy things near your eye, use the dark brown eye shadow in the outer V and crease of your eye. You can use a brush to do this, or just your finger.

Apply your favorite mascara per usual—remember to hit the lower lashes with the wand.

Step 3: Contour, contour, contour

You’ll want a brush for this, whether it is an angled contour brush or a regular powder brush. Use your bronzer to contour your face. Run the product to form an E on either side of your face, hitting the temple, under the cheekbone and under the chin. Add more bronzer to the parts of your face where light wouldn’t normally hit such as down the sides of your nose and under your chin. Doing this will make certain parts of your face look more structured. Contouring takes quite a bit of practice, but it’s worth it.

Want to see a video for some hints on how to contour? Here’s YouTube beauty guru Elle Fowler. She knows her stuff. Watch from the beginning to around 3:49.

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Now, you’re going to have to trust me on this one, but we’re going to use lip product as blush. I know, it’s concerning, but hear me out. Take your lip product, and dab it onto clean fingers. Build up the product there, and then dab it onto your face. You’re going to want to hit the apples of your cheeks, but build up the color slowly. If you put too much on, it’s harder to take off. Also apply the product along your cheekbones. Make sure to blend everything together, so the color gently sweeps out across your cheekbone. I like to use a lip product with a bit of shimmer so I get a little bit of a highlight as well.

Step 4: Don’t forget your lips! 

Apply the lip product you used for your blush, and you’re ready to go!

Try out this quick and easy look and Tweet us pictures @litdarling! If you’ve got tips and tricks to make this routine even easier, leave them down in the comments.

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