College Football Roundup: Week 4

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College Football Roundup: Week 4


“Once you’ve been accused of sexual assault, the two words he had in one sentence don’t ever go together the rest of your life.” —ESPN’s College GameDay sports analyst Kirk Herbstreit on Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who was suspended earlier this week for yelling obscene remarks in Florida State’s student union.


  • Florida State Is Still, Technically, On Top

No. 1 Florida State at No. 22 Clemson was already dubbed this week’s biggest game in college football, pegging two of the ACC’s best teams against one another in a home game for the underdog. The game became even bigger when Florida State announced late Friday night that Jameis Winston, Florida State’s award-winning quarterback, would be suspended for the entire game. (More on that later.)

Although Florida State won without Winston, they squeaked by, further emphasizing Florida State’s dependence on their quarterback. Florida State won 23-17 in overtime, thanks in part to two missed field goals by Clemson kicker Ammon Lakip. But in the grand scheme of things, we didn’t learn much. With the win, Florida State still leads the ACC and is still on track to compete for the National Championship.

  • Unranked Mississippi State Ran All Over No. 8 LSU (And Won)

Tiger Stadium, home of SEC team LSU, is known as one of the rowdiest places in college football, and SEC team Mississippi State hasn’t won there since 1991. (Mississippi State also hasn’t beaten LSU since 1999.) All of that changed last night when Mississippi State beat No. 8 LSU 34-29. Mississippi State was unranked.

Go underdogs! Anything else?

Mississippi State’s loss wasn’t just a fluke, and the game wasn’t nearly as close as the score would lead you to believe. At one point, Mississippi State led 34-10 in the fourth quarter, and LSU came back in part because of a Mississippi State fumble late in the fourth quarter. Mississippi State also never trailed and finished with an impressive 570 yards of total offense.

The most important thing to know is that Mississippi State remains unbeaten, and they play undefeated SEC teams No. 6 Texas A&M, No. 5 Auburn, and No. 3 Alabama later this season. If Mississippi State wins even one of those games, they’ll likely finish with one of the best records the school’s football team has ever seen. If they win all of them, well, you do the math. They’ll probably be playing for their first National Championship in school history. Go dogs.

  • No. 5 Auburn Beat No. 20 Kansas State, But Barely

How does the SEC compare to the Big 12? This week’s second biggest game, No. 5 Auburn at No. 20 Kansas State, put the SEC on top, but not by much.

SEC team Auburn won 20-14 on the road against Big 12 team Kansas State, but Kansas State could have won easily had they not missed three field goals or turned the ball over three times. And they aren’t even ranked in the top 10. How would Auburn, or any other SEC team, fare against Big 12 teams Oklahoma, No. 4, or Baylor, No. 7? Who knows unless the two conferences play each other in the College Football Playoff.

  • The Big Ten Finally Had a Good Week

After winning only 3 of 9 nonconference games last week, the Big Ten bolstered their record this week, beating five “power five” conference opponents (i.e., those schools with the most money going toward college football). The biggest win? Big Ten team Indiana beat No. 18 Missouri 31-27 on the road. Big Ten teams also won all three games they were supposed to win against teams that compete in the Football Championship Subdivision (i.e., those teams with a lot less money going toward college football than teams in the Big Ten). The Big Ten’s overall record is still horrendous, but at least they’re on the upswing. (For now, anyway.)


  • Have you ever known someone who stood on a table and yelled something he or she later regretted?

Add one to your list. Jameis Winston, Florida State’s award-winning quarterback, stood on a table in Florida State’s student union this week and yelled sexually explicit remarks that were very quickly broadcast by nearby students on Twitter. Not a good idea after Winston spent much of last season in the midst of a rape investigation in which he was the alleged attacker.

Florida State officials initially said Winston would miss half a game because of the remarks, but later changed their minds after Winston lied about the incident. Our advice? Grow up, man.

  • Have you ever spoken too soon?

Cal knows how you feel. Moments before Arizona quarterback Anu Soloman threw a Hail Mary pass in the last seconds of the game to win 49-45 against Cal, Cal’s athletic store sent an email to fans announcing the “win” and celebratory sale, giving fans a 25 percent discount on Cal merchandise. Only they spoke too soon, and Cal didn’t win. Oops. The store later responded on Twitter, “Our mistake is your win. The hat sale is still on. Have a great weekend.”


  • Rushing yards

Rushing yards are the amount of yards a team runs on another team. These yards are usually earned by running backs and quarterbacks, and a running back is said to have had a “good game” if he earns 100 rushing yards or more. Teams have “good games” when they rush for 150 yards or more. Note: Rushing yards do not include yards that receivers run after they catch passes.

This week, Mississippi State earned an impressive 300 rushing yards against LSU while LSU had a mere 89 rushing yards. No wonder Mississippi State won.

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  • UCLA (#12) at Arizona State (#15): FOX Sports 1, Thursday, Sept. 25, 9 p.m. EST

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