Artist Feature: Asha Sing

I love writing about music, especially unique artists who have incredible stories. Asha Sing started her entire career in such a whirlwind manner by doing back-up for none other than Shakira, but she decided to get her Bachelor’s degree to strengthen her career. Her story stood out to me, because plenty of artists do their education online, or steadily pursue a degree throughout their music career, but at such a young age to make that decision is pretty incredible. She had offers in music as young as high school, but she focused on her future. Not only was she able to take time to learn more about her chosen career, but she also made connections that helped her sprouting life as a musician.

In addition to Asha’s decisions involving school, she has a strong sense of staying true to herself. She doesn’t want to model herself off of someone, but rather show the world what she has to offer. Her lyrics are written based on her own experiences, which strengthens the relationship between the audience and herself. While researching her music, I discovered some covers that she had created for her YouTube page (linked below), and it was fantastic to listen and not have it directly parallel the original. When an artist can take a smash song and completely create something original, it shows their creativity and talent at their finest.

Asha’s first single, “Mercy,” claimed the No. 7 spot on Billboard’s Hot Hits Chart, and she’s recently released another single called “Satellite.” Both of them have such an upbeat, pop vibe, but with a strong voice to go along with it. Her songs could fit in with some of the dancey numbers on Top 40 charts today, which gives this girl so much potential for growth and personal inspiration. I was able to ask Asha a few questions regarding her career and her goals, as well as get a look into Asha as an individual:

1) First and foremost, what made you want to pursue music?

I grew up in a very musical family. Everyone works in the medical field but I just didn’t see myself pursuing that path growing up. I have always wanted to sing and my family has always supported me. With the support and passion I have, how can I not reach for my dreams?

2)What was the hardest part about choosing between immediately pursuing music and attending school?

I was offered a record deal straight out of high school. My first reaction was to take it but as I thought more about it, I realized I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I chose to enter college with a full academic scholarship at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. It was the best decision I could have made for myself. Huge opportunities like being a back-up dancer and singer for Shakira as well as placing a track on Daddy Yankee’s album came through the network of being a student.

3) Was it easy for you to balance the two while you were pursuing your Bachelor’s?

It was tough at times but if you really want something you find yourself doing whatever you have to, to make it work.

4) Who was your strongest inspiration in your career process?

My parents for sure. Their support, time, and investment have been vital to my success.

5) What do you incorporate in your music of both Indian pop as well as American pop in order to create your unique sound?

To create that Indian feel I incorporate Indian beats within the production of my music. In my first single, Mercy, I incorporated a bhangra feel using tabla and sitar. My fashion is also a heavy influence and balance of Indian and American styles. The American sound is very revealing in my new single “Satellite.” “Satellite” has that Katy Perry Top 40 feel. My music is constantly a mix of the two.

6) What message are you hoping to send to inspire young talent?

Be unique, be you. My music is a reflection of the worlds I grew up in. The lyrics I write are experiences I have been through or moments I am sharing. I hope to make you feel and that my music brings emotion to you.

7) If you could cover one current song to change it and make it your own, what would it be?

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift
I will be releasing this on YouTube as well so make sure to subscribe to my channel! (

8) Do you have a song that has meant the most to you to create? If so, why?

An unreleased song called “Rooftops” hits deep for me. I can’t wait to share more music with my audience. I feel like there is a lot they haven’t seen yet, but the best is coming!

9) If you had the chance to pursue any career that wasn’t singing, what would it be?

I would move to Paris and go to school to be a pastry chef, open up a gourmet bakery in the Keys, lay on the beach all day and bake. Maybe I’ll still do that one day.

10) What are some empowering songs that you would recommend for our LD readers?
My single “Mercy” is an anti-bullying song that talks about “doing you” and not worrying about the haters.


Asha Sing is most certainly a one-of-a-kind artist to look out for. She is taking time to tour up and down the South Florida coast on her Be Unique Tour, where she is telling her story of breaking the barrier between two completely different pop genres (Indian and American). Her goal is to be rid of any stereotypes that may come with blending the two, as well as telling her story of choosing her education first.

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