Why We’re Psyched for Betty Who’s “Take Me When You Go”

It’s no secret that here at Literally, Darling, we love Betty Who. She’s a female artist that looks her absolute happiest when she is performing. I have been patiently awaiting the release of her debut full-length album for months, and it’s finally here. She has been releasing certain tracks with the pre-order which was a great taste of what was to come with “Take Me When You Go.” Betty Who puts a unique spin on personal lyrics. Instead of making her words intensely emphasized with ballads, she makes them upbeat and fun as well. She combines both the good and the bad that each person experiences in their own way, and creates an 80s pop vibe to enjoy along the ride. She has elaborately synthesized background music, which with the wrong vocals could be overpowering, but Betty’s voice strongly stands out. As mentioned earlier, her lyrics truly ring home, and each song seems to tell a story.

Standout Songs:

1) Just Like Me– A steady theme of humility comes through this song, and it’s something to appreciate about any form of a relationship. “If you’ve got a broken heart then you’re just like me.”

2) High Society– This was my favorite download she released before the album, because there was a daydreamy vibe about it that put it on repeat status in my car. In addition, I was constantly singing it to myself around the house. Every twenty-something at some point or another dreams of something bigger than the situation that they are currently in.

3) Dreaming About You– With a strong beat from the very beginning, this song brings to tune the real feeling of wanting to let go of someone or something, but your mind simply cannot shake it. It’s so frustrating trying to move forward, especially when our hearts are involved, and this song puts that feeling into words. “I’m dreaming about you, it keeps happening all the time.”

4) All Of You– Before the album was released, Betty had said multiple times that this was her favorite song on the album, so much so that at the last minute she added it to the downloads for her fans. This song dives into the aspect of giving your entire self towards love and putting everything you have into making this other person happy.

Considering this is a debut album, it’s great to see how much Betty Who wanted her fans to understand her as an artist. She was able to relate to them through her lyrics, and she was also able to grab their attention with her type of music she was creating. This girl is definitely off to a great start, and her career will be a blast to watch take off from here.  She’s currently out on her own The High Society Tour, and you should most definitely look into going if you have any chance to!

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