The 9 Most Underrated Throwback Jams

Sometimes it just takes the introduction to one song and I am immediately taken back in time. The awkward first homecoming dance in high school, or that tacky chick flick that was screened at all middle school sleepovers. When they come on, songs like this must be turned all the way up and sang all the way through, most times with a huge smile on your face and a memory to talk about the minute it’s over. Sure, we have the mainstream tunes, but there are also artists who don’t make it as big who release some quality tracks. Throwback jams can serve a purpose for just about anyone, and these tunes definitely are a window into many times of my awkward youth:

1) “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” – Play ft. Chris Trousdale

2)”No More (Baby Ima Do Right)” – 3LW

3) “It Happens Everytime” – Dreamstreet

4) “Jesse Hold On” – B*Witched

5) “Upside Down” – A*Teens

6) “He Loves You Not” – Dream

7) “Perfect Day” – Hoku

8) “8th World Wonder” – Kimberley Locke

9) “Gallery” – Mario Vazquez

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