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A couple of weeks ago the editors here at Literally, Darling were sent a query about a new artist. With this came a music video that we immediately shared with all our writers. While we gushed, we fought over who would cover the feature. Before we get to the interview, you should see the video that inspired our obsession with a new artist named Jordan JAE.

She is a 15 year old pop singer/songwriter and NYC native. This video for “Said No One Ever” was our first look at Jordan’s unique style. The moment the song went from cutesy pop song to a girl power reminiscent of “The Matrix” is when we knew this girl was serious. LD got the chance to ask Jordan some questions about her style both in songwriting and fashion. Get the details on Jordan below…

LD: What is your musical inspiration?

JJ:  My life experiences, friends, and family inspire me to sing and write music. Honestly even strangers inspire me every day. I write from memories, books, movies, and sometimes even dreams. I write about the kindness of a friend or the expression on someone’s face. People and everyday experiences inspire me to write music.

LD: What kind of songs do you like writing best: dance or love?

JJ: I really like writing love songs not necessarily because I’ve been in love just because I like to think about what it would be like. Also, seeing love in movies and reading about love in books is like songwriting about a dream.

LD: What is it like to go from recording your own YouTube videos to having people direct you?

JJ: I’m very used to taking direction and listening to people. I used to do musical theatre for years and was always told to listen to whatever the director told me to. So I did! It has really helped me with my YouTube videos and taking direction from others.

LD: The entire LD staff is obsessed with your “Said No One Ever” video. Did you have any ideas of what you wanted?

JJ: Yes for sure! I got a few real ideas from my video director and chose the one that worked best or me. We then discussed making changes to the original idea so that it would be perfect for me and my vision of the song. I knew I wanted the video to tell a story. The snow was just a filming miracle (although it was freezing)!

LD: Where do you get all those clothes for your videos? They are incredible!

JJ: I get my clothes for my videos from Topshop, Nastygal, American Apparel, and Modcloth!

LD: Is your personal style a lot like your videos?

JJ: Somewhat yeah, more like “Makin’ Me Crazy” than “Said No One Ever” though! Practically my whole closet is from Topshop or American Apparel.

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LD: Was it fun getting to have a lot of strong girl powered alter egos?

JJ: It was so much fun! I’ve always been able to stick up for myself and defend those people that I care about. Being able to be a kickass character was awesome! It’s really great that so many young girls have watched it because seeing a strong girl that takes back the power in a break up situation is important.

LD: Who are some of your favorite female artists?

JJ: Some of my favorite female artists are Avril Lavigne, Birdy, and Demi Lovato.

LD: Girl power break up songs are a big trend right now. The idea that we’ll be better without those losers is so common from Taylor Swift to Miranda Lambert, so do you feel pressure to do it well?

JJ: I don’t put pressure on myself to do it better than another artist but I do feel pressure from myself to make every song I write something that I will be proud of even in years to come. I just want to do the best I can do! I don’t look at other artists and compare myself to them because I don’t really see a point in it. I am not trying to be better than anyone else I just want people to like my music and what I do!

Jordan is currently working on her EP in NYC while she goes to high school. If you want to learn more about Jordan or listen to her music you can check out some of her covers on YouTube. You can also find Jordan’s music online at or tweet her @JordanJAEMusic

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