Call for Writers: News & Beauty

You may have noticed over the last few months that LD is working hard to bring an even broader array of articles your way. We want to run the gamut of having the best articles across the board, from relatable perspectives, great beauty tips, to thought-provoking news analysis. To do so though, we need your help. We’re looking to bring on a few writers to help us write for our News & Politics section as well as our Health & Beauty, specifically for beauty and fashion.

So what are we looking for? People who are dedicated to good writing and interesting perspectives. We’re not here to spit out the same article that’s on 500 different websites. We’re not ever going to be breaking news or trends, but we do want to provide an analysis that explains complex issues to make them approachable. For fashion and beauty we’re not makeup experts or fashionistas, but we’ve all learned from trial and error and we’d like to share that know-how with our readers. The goal in everything we do, and what we want from all our writers, is to create smart, unique, approachable pieces that make you think.

News & Politics

To apply for our News & Politics section, we’d like you to take a peek at some of our great evergreen analysis articles such as these two by our News & Politics Editor which you can find here and here. We’d then like you to do the following:

  • Submit a 750 word article on a topic of your choice in news and politics. Write about a subject that you know like the back of your hand (it doesn’t have to be super timely), make us understand the key issues, break down what people need to know about it and why they should care. What are the ramifications of this topic? Keep it simple, balanced (no absurdly biased partisan politics please), and thought-provoking.
  • Let us know the subjects and topics we could rely on you to regularly write about. Do you know a lot about American politics, the justice system, or health news? List any that apply.
  • Give us a brief introduction to who you are, what makes you interesting, and why you want to write for LD.
  • Any relevant writing samples that you’d like us to read.
  • A GIF that represents your thoughts on the news.

Beauty & Fashion

See Also
woman wearing brown fur beanies and white and balck top

For our fashion and beauty sections, we’d like you to check out these two articles, one on style icons and the other about makeup so you can see the type of articles we’d like.

  • Submit an article on a style icon of your choice. Pick someone recognizable, give some information on why you think they’re worthy of being an icon, then break down their style. Include photo examples of their style and examples of how to get it yourself (extra credit for a Polyvore).
  • Pitch three ideas for articles you would want to write for Fashion & Beauty. It doesn’t have to be detailed, a really engaging article title would suffice. Just make us want to read those ideas.
  • Give us a brief introduction to who you are, what makes you interesting, and why you want to write for LD.
  • Any relevant writing samples that you’d like us to read.
  • A gif that represents your fashion motto.

And in case you’re wondering what you’re signing up for, here’s what we require of our writers:

  • Since we are for and by twenty-somethings, you need to be between 20 and 30 (boys and girls welcome).
  • There is an option to be a part-time or full time writer, part being two articles a month, full three to four (if you can’t commit to this load, please only send us a guest article!).
  • You must be willing to share LD articles across social media. We also do all our planning in a super secret Facebook group, so a FB account is necessary.
  • Being comfortable with the fickle beast that is WordPress.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.

Send all applications to and all article samples should be in a Google Doc with permissions given to anyone with the link.  All applications must be in by midnight ET on November 7th. 

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