What You Need To Know About Week 10 In College Football

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College Football Roundup: Week 10


“This was a playoff game. But from here on in, every game is a playoff game. They just get bigger and bigger.” —Auburn linebacker Kris Frost on his team’s last-second victory over No. 4 Ole Miss. The game gave Ole Miss their second loss of the season and likely eliminated them from having a chance at playing in the four-team College Football Playoff.


  • No. 3 Auburn Beat No. 4 Ole Miss

For the second week in a row, SEC team Ole Miss lost late in the fourth quarter, this week losing 35-31 against No. 3 Auburn after Ole Miss fumbled the ball twice at the goal line during the fourth quarter. Ole Miss also lost their star receiver, Laquon Treadwell, to a broken leg during the game.

Although the College Football Playoff committee ranked Ole Miss in the top four last Tuesday, a preliminary nod to the teams that might qualify for the four-team playoff at the end of the season, Ole Miss’s second loss of the season has probably ended their chances of being one of those four teams, as three conference rivals currently have better records.

  • Kansas State, Baylor, and TCU Control Their Own Destiny in the Big 12

Things got interesting in the Big 12 this week when No. 7 TCU gave No. 20 West Virginia its second conference loss of the season, setting up a two-way tie for second and third place in the conference. The cherry on top? The team currently in first place, No. 9 Kansas State, still has to play the teams sitting in second, No. 7 TCU and No. 13 Baylor, as well as West Virginia. Should make for some high-stakes games in the coming weeks.


  • How do you make an awkward meeting even more awkward?

Refuse to shake hands with your enemies. During the ritualistic, pregame meeting of the team captains, Maryland’s captains refused to shake hands with Penn State’s captains Saturday. Although no reason was given for the snub, tensions have been building between the two schools during the last year. (Though neither Maryland’s coach nor athletic director saw that as an excuse for their players’ behavior. Both formally apologized to Penn State for the incident.)


  • Conference championship

At the end of the college football season, most conferences host a “conference championship” game in which the best team from each division battles, on the field, for first place in that conference. Smaller conferences, like the Big 12, American Athletic, and Sun Belt, don’t have conference championship games and instead rank teams based on their in-conference records during the regular season.

Although conference championships won’t be played until early December, they’re all sports commentators can talk about right now in lieu of the College Football Playoff committee’s first set of rankings, which was released Tuesday. The committee has already said they intend to give conference champions preference over non-conference champions when deciding the rankings at the end of the season. So, although the committee ranked three SEC teams in the top four this week, only one SEC team will be named the conference champion later this year. What does that mean in terms of the committee and the teams they’ll select? Your guess is as good as ours.

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  • Baylor (#13) at Oklahoma (#18): FOX Sports 1, Saturday, Nov. 8,  Noon EST

  • Notre Dame (#10) at Arizona State (#13): ABC, Saturday, Nov. 8, 3:30 p.m. EST

  • Kansas State (#9) at TCU (#7): FOX, Saturday, Nov. 8, 7:30 p.m. EST

  • Alabama (#6) at LSU (#19): CBS, Saturday, Nov. 8, 8 p.m. EST

  • Ohio State (#16) at Michigan State (#8): ABC/ESPN3, Saturday, Nov. 8, 8 p.m. EST

  • Oregon (#5) at Utah (#17): ESPN, Saturday, Nov. 8, 10 p.m. EST

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