Make-Over Your Wardrobe Like Millie MacIntosh

By Alex Weller

A former reality star on E4’s “Made In Chelsea,” Millie is also a professional make-up artist and heiress to the Quality Street fortune. Not only that, but Millie is also married to British rapper Professor Green, and is now—in my opinion—a style icon in her own right. With over 800k Instagram and Twitter followers, a jewellery range with Dorothy Perkins and the media spotlight constantly shining on what she’s wearing, it’s clear she’s doing something right.

I’ve always enjoyed her lack of facial expressions, am obsessed with her marriage to Professor Green, addicted to her Instagram posts and love, love, love her style.

When browsing through some of my favourite Millie looks I realised the reason she makes clothes look so good is because she only wears clothes that suit her body shape, not just clothes that look good on the hanger—a trap I’ve obviously fallen into before (evident from looking through my Facebook). As a professional make-up artist Millie understands how to apply make-up to suit individual tone, create contours and adapt to different themes. This skill is something she transitions into her everyday style … which must be exhausting, but clearly worth it.

Her style choices can be categorized by popular make-up trends:


Whether the outfit is formal or casual Millie wears a fair amount of black. Black can be quite a simple style choice, but—like the smokey eye—can look extremely effective when used with multiple layers, shades and textures. She is rarely seen in just a t-shirt and jeans. Not that she doesn’t wear ‘normal clothes’ but, when she does she’ll (almost always) accessorize with a statement hat, jacket, shoes, or bag.

smokey eye 1

The next ‘smokey-eye’ is by far my favourite of Millie’s looks. Number one she looks shit hot in lace and number two has made this look even better by mixing it with other textures; faux fur and a patent black bag.

Style Icon #1




Contouring is a method of make-up artistry used primarily to highlight (contour) the best and most structured features of the face, such as the cheek bones. In terms of fashion Millie uses this technique to highlight her best feature; her legs. It’s clear that Millie is naturally very slim and it just so happens that her legs are probably as long as my entire body (an asset that I am not a smidge jealous of. Not even a tiny little bit). Using the idea of contouring in everyday fashion decisions is a great way of making sure that each outfit we choose makes us look our best. Millie highlights her legs with shorts, dresses, and amazing thigh-high boots. I am in envy of the thigh-high boots, not only because of the shoes themselves, but because she pulls them off so effortlessly—without looking like a wannabe Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She also always has a killer (fake) tan (living in England a real tan’s not so easy to come by) making sure her legs always look their best.


Style Icon #1


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Statement Make-up

Then there are times where Millie throws us a curve-ball and wears something eye-catching and out of the ordinary: a statement ‘red lipstick’ if you will. This further demonstrates Millie’s ability to pull off almost any style, from timeless pieces to current trends, solidifying her position as one of today’s style icons.


To replicate Millie’s style, remember to highlight your best feature, accessorize to the max and make sure you have some key pieces in black.

About Alex

Alex is an MA graduate from London, specialising in Movement training for actors and animators. She also teaches drama and yoga to children, which she loves. Her favourite things are food, Grey’s Anatomy, Harry Potter, Celebrity Gossip websites (embarrassing?) and the story of Peter Pan.


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