20 Healthy Habits To Start In Your Twenties

Controllable or Uncontrollable: Sometimes shit just isn’t your problem but it may feel like it is. Learn how to stop and ponder what situations in your life are controllable and what’s not. Whatever isn’t controllable, let it go. Figure out how to take care of yourself. Control what you can because that’s all you can do.

Personal Time: Practice self-care on the daily. Whether it’s a ten-minute stroll, an afternoon cup of coffee, maybe a movie night with a good smelling candle and tea. Whatever it is, make it happen. Life is tough, and you can take care of yourself better than anyone else can.

Empathy: Learn to practice empathy. That doesn’t mean be sweet and sit to the side when things get crazy. But empathy helps us understand where people are coming from, and therefore helps us develop strategies on how to work with them, or sometimes walk away from them.

Independence: Essentially, figure out who you are as a person, and feed those needs. Confidence grows from great amounts of self-care. Figuring yourself out is being independent.

Hobby: Do something that brings out your independence. Hobbies can be getaways, conversation topics, and they help you practice self-care. Get one now.

Critical Thinking: It also brings out your independence, broadens your interests, and brings out the smart cookie within you.

Success: Figure out your definition of success. Is it surrounding yourself with wonderful people? Finding love? Being astoundingly good at your job? Whatever it is, make it a habit to work at it every day.

Time Management: Being late every once in awhile is forgivable. Making it consistent is embarrassing. Your lack of time management affects all those folks involved in your daily tasks. It’s rude. Stop.

Birth Control: Condoms, the pill, an IUD, abstinence, masturbation, whatever it is that keeps you STD free and helps you exercise your right to safe sexual behaviors, figure it out and go forth.

Therapy: I love it. You may love it. It’s worth a try when you’re feeling in need of some third party help, or someone to just sit and listen to everything you have to say. Look up sliding scale therapists if your funds/insurance are low.

Routine: Develop a routine with sleep, food, study, sex (if you and your partner are busy bees and need to schedule an intimacy date once or twice a week). Sometimes it can be screwy. But routine helps you focus, feel good, and think better.

Flexibility: Not with your body but with your schedule. Sometimes you need rest instead of reading, or a dinner out instead of at your desk. A lack of flexibility can sometimes result in self-shaming for not being productive enough, social enough, or motivated enough.

Tea: Learn to love the natural remedies that tea provides. Peppermint or ginger for your digestion, honey or lavender for some relaxation, cinnamon for your PMS. The list goes on. And caffeine. Did I mention some of it has caffeine?

Agendas: Also known as planners. Get one. Write your shit down. Do you have to get to every task? No. But number those tasks according to importance and get your shit together. There’s a lot to think about in life, these make sure you keep yourself in check.

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Sleep: Figure out what kind of sleeper you are. I have to get eight hours. It’s non-negotiable. I do not function without eight hours and eight hours exactly. Therefore, that is my main priority for self-care. Sleep is good for your brain, digestion, and overall health. Take it seriously.

Cleanliness: Please, catch that cleaning bug now. I know Christina Yang lived in chaos, but that is a television show. And realistically, you’re in that living space more frequently than we see Yang in her apartment.

Budgeting: Be realistic about your spending. Life’s expensive. Maybe you need to take some time out once a week to clip coupons. If so. Do it. Learn to budget, learn to save on what you can.

Movement: Walk. Walk anywhere and do it frequently. It helps clear your mind. Add some stretching. Some open chest breathing. Invest in a standing desk. Your ass and back will thank you for years to come.

Food: You need food. You had such a busy day and forgot about food? No excuse. Stay up an extra 15 minutes and make your meal. Or budget how often you’ll be eating meals out because you don’t have time to prepare them. Food is fuel. Food is delicious. You can’t get work done without it. Plus a regular bowel movement can really make your day.

Love: Figure out how to love yourself. People can’t be there for you and you can’t be there for people properly until you learn to love yourself.

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