8 Female Voices You Need To Hear

The majority of my iPod is filled with male artists. It’s something I never thought about until last month when I found a couple of bands led by female singers, and I realized that I wanted to find more strong female voices in music. It’s nice to relate to songs, and when a woman is singing the words that speak most to you, it’s most certainly a different perspective than from a man singing it. Additionally, women covering male songs can put an entirely new twist on how the song was originally meant to be understood. Ladies take center stage in this playlist of powerful female voices:

1) “St. Patrick” by PVRIS

2) “Lonely Girl” by Tonight Alive

3) “Tell Her You Love Her” by Echosmith

4) “My Heart Is Open” (Maroon 5 Cover) by Mary English

5) “Out of Mind” by Tove Lo

6) “Hurricane” by Halsey

7) “Reflections” by Misterwives

8) “Goddess” by Banks

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