10 Best Military Homecoming Videos

What better way to celebrate Veteran’s day than with some of the most heartwarming military homecoming videos we could find? Here at Literally, Darling we love our military. We respect and honor our Veteran’s and we know firsthand how hard it is to stay back, worrying, while our loved ones are away defending our country. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the military, past and present. So get ready for a good ole’ ugly cry darlings, because these videos are just too good to stay dry eyed.  Happy Veteran’s Day!

When Lt. Gary Daugherty arrives home from 6 months overseas, his dog Bugaboo can hardly contain herself. Watch how excited she gets when she sees him.

“I deployed to Iraq to close down projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers. On R&R, my family and I met in Germany, so our dog was at home at a kennel. But on my return to the U.S., I was reunited with our dog Little Anne!”

-MSG Keith F

Brother surprises sister at her last basketball game.

Brother surprises his sister on her wedding day.

Son surprises his dad at work!

On a beautiful day, this little girl got the surprise of her young life. Her soldier daddy came home and the resulting reunion will move you to tears.

Dog Gracie is so happy to see her daddy again!

Military Husband surprises wife and two daughters.

Dad surprises his daughter at a football game

Christmas homecomings are the very best gifts!

Happy Veteran’s day and the most sincere thank you from us here at Literally, Darling for all you do to protect our freedom!

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