What We Think It Means To Be An Adult

Twenty-Something Tuesday

Growing up, we all probably thought there was one magical day, maybe the 18th or 21st birthday, when we would wake up with a perfect understanding of how to function as an adult: how to call to make your own appointments, how to responsibly shop for groceries, and a firm grip on time management. These may or may not have clicked for all of us, but here is a list of skills that we at LD believe are signs of true adulthood, whether or not we’ve actually grasped those skills yet.


1. Buying non-Apple accessories. There was a time when logos mattered, and that time has passed. Sacrifice the pretty logo, save that $30 for a tank of gas!

2. Drinking wine on a “school night” just because, erm … well, ‘cause you can. This is clearly a skill, because you can stop at one now (or two, whatever).

3. The art of getting ready in ten minutes. As we immerse into adulthood, we automatically re-prioritize our routines. Sleep or straighten hair? Eat a decent breakfast or put on make up?

4. OR we finally get a decent job so we can spend more money on da’ BEST makeup products, and the morning routine gets longer and more elaborate. You’re saying we get paid to look fabulous and play on our computer all day? Bring it on.

5. Responsibility—for everything. Say goodbye to those days when parents would take care of bills, taxes, leakages at home, dealing with landlords, and every little bit of troublesome, tedious, and absolutely essential but boring legal and home administration stuff.


6. Store brand or name brand? If you picked the former, you’re probably accepting your social status as an adult. There are plenty of store brand items that are equally as delicious as their name brand counterpart. Oatmeal, eggs, cereal, bread, frozen berries, etc.


7. Sales. Only buying necessities during sales. Going out of your way to find a Gap coupon code online for a much needed winter coat, and placing it onto of the “Holiday Weekend Sale.” Oh that’s adulthood.

8. Alternatively, being an adult can mean finally being able to afford full-priced shit, motherfucker! (and maybe even the occasional designer thing!)

9. Going to the grocery store at noon on a Tuesday.

10. Learning how to negotiate a good salary and the importance of benefits is key to adulthood. Long discussions take place in the LD writer chat about this.

11. Prioritizing doing laundry over going out on the weekend. Because clean underwear is so much better than a hangover.

12. Knowing when to stand up for yourself. Unfortunately as an adult, you get a bit of a Tyler Durden effect—the more stuff (and responsibilities) you own, the more they own you. In days past you may have stood up for yourself with nothing to lose but popularity or maybe a reduced grade in one class, but those days are over. Too often you have to roll over because speaking up could mean losing your job, which means bye-bye rent, food, and gas money, insurance, and stability. Sadly integrity doesn’t always feed or shelter you.

14. Finally being able to have honest, unfiltered conversations with your friends. About your various disgusting bodily functions.

15. Accepting that adulthood is sometimes a scary transition, but learning to deal with it anyway. That is the true sign of an adult.



You’re an adult now (shh, we won’t tell). Revel in it.


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