Angela Lanter: Beauty Blogger And Alzheimer’s Advocate

Angela Lanter is a refreshing addition to the world of beauty blogging. I found her blog, (also known as Hello Gorgeous) because her husband, Matt Lanter, was an actor on one of my favorite shows that aired on the CW, 90210. Through social media I came across Angela and instantly fell in love with her website and personality. She comes across (and actually is!) very wholesome, genuine and sweet. She knows her stuff when it comes to beauty tutorials, hair tutorials, fashion, cooking and all things in between, although the main component I have enjoyed seeing since finding Hello Gorgeous, is the fact that she often uses her platform for good. She talks openly about her passion for spreading awareness and advocacy in the fight against Alzheimer’s and about why this disease is close to her heart and her family. I was beyond thrilled to (virtually) sit down with Angela and talk about her blog, her passions and her life.

LD: You are so many things: a beauty blogger, a fashionista, a wife to a successful actor and much more, but my favorite thing about you is that you often use your platform to talk about a disease close to your heart, Alzheimer’s. Why is raising Alzheimer’s awareness close to you?

Angela: Matt’s grandma passed away last year from Alzheimer’s, my Mawmaw currently has dementia and I have lost other family members to the disease and currently have family members fighting it.

LD: Most of the world sees ALZ as an “old person’s disease” yet cases are coming up more and more of younger and middle aged people diagnosed with early onset ALZ. How do you think we can get the younger generation to care more about ALZ and stop thinking this only happens to the elderly community?

Angela: I believe awareness is the first step. I’d have to imagine that most young people have no idea that someone as young as their middle aged parent could be affected.

LD: Compared to other diseases Alzheimer’s is often overlooked and underfunded. What do you think needs to happen to get ALZ on the map in the way other diseases are such as breast cancer, heart disease and HIV?

Angela: Again, awareness is the answer. I’d love to see a huge organization such as the NFL get behind the Alzheimer’s association to bring the much needed attention this disease deserves.

LD: Besides ALZ, you are also passionate about all things fashion and beauty. Why did you decide to start a blog?

Angela: I’ve loved makeup since I was literally about 4 years old! Any chance I had as a little girl to play in my mom’s makeup, I was all over it! So now as an adult, I guess I’m still playing in makeup! My friends kept telling me I needed to start a blog since I love makeup, hair, cooking, DIYs, crafts… Essentially my home is like a Pinterest board. So Hello Gorgeous was born after their prompting!

LD: Here at LD we know running a website takes a lot of organization, time, effort and ideas! How do you do it all and still get some sleep in at night?!

Angela: Oh man, sometimes you don’t get it all done… And that’s OK! You’re only one person and there’s always tomorrow. I love to make to-do lists and prioritize my day. The best feeling at the end of a busy day is a completely marked off to-do list!

LD: Those who read your blog know that your husband, Matt Lanter, is pretty much your biggest fan, lead photographer and number one assistant. Does it make a huge difference having such a support system at home as well as online from your readers?

Angela: I seriously couldn’t do this without him. It makes a huge difference in any line of work when you have a support system. You need your spouse to be behind you in everything you do, and vice versa!

LD: On Hello Gorgeous, you discuss everything from recipes to outfits, which topic do you enjoy doing segments on the most and why?

Angela: Oh that’s so tough! I love makeup & beauty but I also love cooking. Makeup tends to be my most blogged about topic, but I cook meals at home on most days. I really just enjoy being a girl and being a housewife.

LD: As far as fashion goes, are there any trends you’re especially inspired by this season?

Angela: Layers! Fall is all about coziness and warmth, and the most fashionable way to achieve that is layers.

LD:  Celebrity-wise, where do you get your beauty and fashion inspiration from?

Angela: I love Blake Lively. Her fashion is always spot on. And her hair? It’s like a dream! She’s such a classic beauty, so timeless and consistent.

LD: If Hello Gorgeous had a mission statement, what would it be and why?

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group of men and women doing glass toast

Angela: Hello Gorgeous has one goal—to help women be their most gorgeous selves, inside and out.


Angela Lanter in a flash

Cats or Dogs? DOGS!!

Makeup product you can’t live without: Concealer

Favorite lipstick: It changes by the season! Right now, Gerard Cosmetics “Nude”

Favorite Trash TV show: The Bachelor

Favorite book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Quote you live by: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” —Thumper


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