13 Best Indie Covers of ’80s Classics

I think I established last week that I have a deep obsession with ’80s alternative and New Wave. Talking about it gives me this adrenaline rush of coolness. When I talk about ’80s music, the scenario in my head always plays out a bit like this:

“Yeah, Morrissey’s alright and all,” I say as I lean cooly against the doorframe, tilting my Wayfarers. “But Johnny Marr is the real talent behind The Smiths.” My James Dean white t-shirt stretches as I pull a cigaret from behind my ear, and lean down to light a match on my Doc Martin combat boots.

*Billy Idol appears*

But if I’m being entirely genuine, there’s a large soft spot in my heart for ’80s pop. Though while many unabashedly blare their Cyndi Lauper loud and proud, there is something so indescribably beautiful about hearing your favorite Hall and Oats song redone, reimagined, and made new.

Covers. Covers my friends, are the future. Because creating new music is so out. Bowie and Lou Reed did it all already, go home, find a nice cover and put some dance tracks behind it. It’s okay, you can drown your sorrow while listening to this set of indie ’80s covers.

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