7 Festive Style Staples

The holidays radiate magic and tradition. The fleeting season is the perfect time to bring your most festive outfits out of hibernation and take them out for a dance or two. Now that gaudy Christmas sweaters covered in tiny tinkling bells, pompoms, ribbons, and basically everything else in Martha Stewart’s craft box have become a snooze-worthy norm, ‘tis the season to revive some old favorites and introduce some new staples to your holiday style repertoire.


1. Sequins

Seize the opportunity to adorn yourself in sequins without looking like you’re desperately reliving the fabulousness of your five-year-old dance recital days. In simple cuts, sequined garments are fantastically festive during the dreary chill of winter months. Try grounding the look with basic black bottoms and effortlessly edgy boots.



2. Red

Though an obvious facet of the aesthetic of the holiday season, the value of the color red is not to be overlooked. The warm hue is universally flattering and an instant attention-grabber. Red looks stunning with gold accents and deep black accessories.

holiday red


3. Champagne

More whimsical than gold, and warmer than silver, champagne looks simply elegant and the soft metallic shade can serve as a neutral backdrop for bright accessories or toned down neutrals.



4. Velvet

A classic Christmas favorite, velvet is particularly beautiful in deep reds, teals, purples, or simple black. The soft fabric embodies the warm ambiance of this time of year. Mix and match with different textures for an eclectic look.



5. Plaid

Reminiscent of the red plaid pajamas donned during Christmas mornings of childhood, plaid skirts and dresses are a flawless way to translate dreamy nostalgia into your look. Perfect with a sweet collar or updated with an edgy jacket, pair with patterned lace tights and a deep lip color.

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6. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are lusciously beautiful and the matured richness is perfect for the warm spirit that the holidays exude upon the stark cold of winter. Choose one accent color, or sport a myriad of deep tones.

jewel tones


7. Pastels

On the other end of the spectrum are pastels. Pastels are not restricted to the spring months and are delightfully unexpected deviation from the typically darker hues of winter. Snowy blues and icy violets evoke a sugarplum fairyesque whimsy.



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