The 9 Best Fashion Gifts For Men

The holiday season is in full swing, and for many, gift shopping has already begun. Some family members, friends, and significant others are easier to shop for than others. For most, finding a gift for the men in their lives proves to be quite challenging. I’ve struggled to find gifts for my dad and my younger brother season after season. If you’re stumped this year, try a variation of one of these men’s fashion gifts. Click on the pictures or links to find where you can purchase each suggestion!

Sweaters and Cardigans

Since it is winter, after all (at least most places), a good place to start is a nice sweater or cardigan. If you’re shopping for someone on the sportier side, you can also try a nice pullover or quarter-zip sweatshirt instead. Old Navy is a great place to find sweaters fit for many different ages. This Old Navy cardigan is great because it can be dressed up or down:

Another place to try is Marshall’s or T.J.Maxx if you’re looking for brands like Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren but don’t want to pay full price (but you’ll have to shop in person here). I’m a huge fan of this more holiday themed sweater from Target as well. I’m also a huge fan of anything from J.Crew, including this somewhat more affordable sweater from J.Crew Factory.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are another great clothing gift. Since there are a ton of different styles, colors, and patterns, the possibilities here are truly endless. You can opt for a comedic t-shirt, a favorite band t-shirt, or just one with a cool graphic design. There are a ton of gems you can find online. For example, Asos Marketplace has an entire line of bear-themed T-shirts in their boutique “Don’t Feed the Bears.” My personal favorite is pictured below.

For more options, try Design By Humans or department stores like Nordstrom. Both feature a large variety of brands and styles. Design by Humans is especially neat since all of their designs are done by individual artists who share their work on their own online storefronts, like the one on the shirt pictured below.

Cold Weather Accessories

Another good gift idea is cold weather accessories. Many people already have them, but they probably don’t replace them super often. In any case, one can never have enough options to keep warm in my opinion, and what better way to show you love someone than by giving them accessories that keep cozy and warm?

Mens Gifts-Cold Weather Accessories

Opt for a winter hat or gloves to match their winter coat. If your giftee wears scarves, then that’s a fun option, since there are a variety of fashionable men’s scarves to be found in stores right now. Many different shades of plaid scarves have cropped up in a variety of stores. Try Old Navy for basic winter accessories or more fashionable scarves. Department stores like Nordstrom also have a good selection around the holidays, such as this red check scarf.

Fashion Accessories

Last but not least are fashion accessories. Accessories make great gifts because they often are things people don’t think of to buy themselves, or don’t want to spend their own money on. They’re also really easy since there you can fit the fashion preferences of just about anyone, as long as you have some knowledge of what they like to wear. There are a wide range of fashion accessories broken down in the section below for easier gifting.

Mens Gifts- Accessories

Dressy Accessories

For someone who likes to dress up, consider a bowtie or necktie. Another good option is cufflinks if you’re shopping for someone that frequently wears suits. You can find cute, customizable ones on Etsy. There are also a ton of great cufflinks that fit a variety of price ranges on the site Not On The High Street, like the map ones pictured below.


Watches also make great gifts (even if most people check the time on their phones nowadays). Since there are a wide variety of watches that are both casual and formal, you can easily find that fits your recipient’s style. If you want a designer watch, try Marshalls, Prime Ambassador, T.J.Maxx, or Rue La La (though you’ll have to plan in advance to find their online watch sales since they don’t always have them). You can also try stores like Nordstrom Rack, which have high-end brands for decent discounts. Jackthreads also has a lot of good watch options. I like this nautical themed watch and this leather strapped watch that displays the gears inside.

nordstrom watch


Another accessory suggestion is socks. I’m a firm believer that socks can be fun. There are a lot of interesting dress socks to be found today. Plus, it’s fun to secretly know that your business-professional Dad has a skull and crossbones on his dress socks hidden underneath his slacks as he sits in an important meeting (or maybe that’s just me). You can also try a belt (either casual or dressy) as well. J.Crew Factory has a great selection, including this zigzag pair in festive green and red.

Phone Cases

For a more personalized accessory gift, try a phone case. You can get a favorite sports team, a favorite superhero, or a wide range of other patterns and options. Design By Humans, mentioned above, is a great place to find a more personalized phone case. I’m a huge fan of the one pictured below, but they have a ton of different cases (for many phone types!) featuring really neat artwork.

Subscription Boxes

A gift idea that’s becoming more popular is a men’s subscription box. I’m a huge fan of Birchbox’s men’s box. It’s a pricier option, but their subscription box is sent monthly and includes 3-4 personalized grooming samples and a gadget or accessory of some kind. There are various gift options to choose from including 3 months, 6 months, and a full year’s subscription.  You get to choose from three box options for their first box, as well. They also have a special holiday box, pictured below.

There are a few other boxes that make good gifts. The Dollar Shave Club is inexpensive and offers razors and other grooming supplies, though right now their only gift option is through gift cards. Manpacks features customizable gift packs of undergarments, socks, grooming supplies, and other miscellaneous things based on which type of box you pick.

Have a tried and true gift idea for your dad, brother, or boyfriend that you want to share with the world? Let us know your favorite finds in the comments below! As always, happy shopping, and happy gifting!

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