5 of Film’s Most Fashionable Leading Ladies

Film is an art composed of a fluid fusion of writing, movement, and sound, this culmination of elements resulting in a bounteous source of inspiration. Whether embodying the timeless pages of a beloved novel, retelling and embellishing history, or breathing new characters and plotlines into existence, films have the potential to create a richly distinctive visual realm, each colored with its own unique hue. Fashion in film spans the best of every decade and demographic, providing a diverse supply of style muses.

1. Andie Walsh, “Pretty in Pink”

The 80s were more than the garish neon tights and off-the-shoulder sweatshirts that haunt themed parties. The eighties were also the decade of Molly Ringwald. Her character in “Pretty in Pink,” Andie Walsh, is the queen of making old garments new again. Even in the 80s, decked out in beads and baubles, structured vests, granny glasses, intricate lace collars, and yes, copious amounts of pink, Andie embodies her own pastel brand of retro chic. Most importantly, Andie is innovative. Long before Macklemore so boldly threatened to take your grandpa’s style (with the masses following suit), Andie saw the value in reviving old pieces and using her creativity to create a new look.


tumblr_m5u7clhxs91qif87yo1_500blue sweater



2. Daisy Buchanan, “The Great Gatsby”

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Daisy Buchanan is frustratingly fickle. However, her style is consistently flawless. Daisy embodies the fabulously reckless style that has become iconic of the Roaring Twenties. Draped in jewels and furs and the essential glittering hairpiece, Daisy Buchanan is never one for simplicity, her style nearly as dramatically delicate as her tumultuous love life. The 2013 adaptation of the film paints a vivid portrait of the extravagant Jazz Age. It is the epitome of glamour, dripping in diamonds and metropolitan decadence.

beaded dresscarey


3. Sam, “Perks of Being a Wallflower”

With her simple school girl style, Sam is effortlessly chic. Letterman jackets and playful plaid, ditsy floral prints and effortless cropped collared tops complete her simple laid back girly look, made flawless by her perfect headband-accented pixie cut.


black skirt


4. Suzy Bishop, “Moonrise Kingdom”

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Despite her sweet Peter Pan collars and frilly knee socks ensemble, Suzy B. of “Moonrise Kingdom” is delightfully dark, sharply mature, and is actually just a library book-stealing cat lady in training. She flees her manicured white picket fence home, creating a brief, and strangely surreal adventure of her own in the romantic wilderness of 1960s New England. The hazy nostalgic ambiance of the entire film exudes a charming aura. Suzy’s style is so sweet yet simple. Crisp collars and A-line dresses in subdued hues are lovely and timeless.  Simple saddle shoes may not be the best selection for stealing into the woods with your secret pen pal, but are a classically cute nod to a vintage favorite.  


peter pan collartumblr_muxkp3kIHb1rjxv79o1_500



5. Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is another figure renowned for her indulgence. Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette lives a lacy, macaron-hued rockstar lifestyle that would put Super Sweet Sixteen decadence to shame. Worth noting is the arsenal of fabulous gem-accented, ribbon-draped shoes at her disposal.   

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.55.37 PMpastels


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