December’s 6 Best Off-The-Radar Fashion Finds

Darlings, may I present to you a new series: LD’s best “Off-The-Radar” fashion finds. Yep, we’re going all hipster on you. Yes, really.

In all seriousness, though, there is something very special about purchasing from small, independent labels and boutiques. Not only are you helping fund someone’s small business, but you can use it as an opportunity to cut down your carbon footprint by purchasing clothes made from reworked fabrics, or that follow a specific code of sustainability. And, ultimately, let us not forget the appeal of uniqueness. It’s fun to find things that your friends don’t have. It’s fun to wear clothes that provide a talking point, that have their own story.

We’re not in middle school any more; “fitting in” isn’t one of the biggest concerns an adult should have. None of us really want to look like we’ve just strolled into Abercrombie or Kohl’s and pulled any old thing off the rack. Whether your taste is already eccentric, or—like me—you tend towards more understated, classic items, there’s something alluring about being a little bit eclectic. You want to be asked, “Where did you get that?”

But sometimes—again, like me—you don’t have the time to trawl for hours through farmer’s markets or vintage stores to find a piece of treasure (or two). And sometimes one-of-a-kind items are so damn pricey, and how many twenty-somethings really have an extra $300 to drop on a handmade handbag?

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring you our favorite off-the-radar fashion and beauty finds from deep, dark corners of the internet, all from independent boutiques, eco-friendly labels and anything that isn’t to be found in your typical mall. Our hope is to inspire your love of finding unique, within-budget style picks, and give exposure to some of our favorite small businesses. Happy shopping!

Mod Dolly Blouse

I am wildly in love with this woodland-animal-print, Peter-Pan collared, sixties-esque blouse… so much that I almost didn’t post this for fear that my friends would know my secret. Mod Dolly is just ludicrously perfect: reworked fabrics in quirky shapes and styles (check out their fun two-pieces for summer), all handmade in London. Pair it with tight pants, red lips and heels for a unique but low-key evening look. Very Alexa Chung.

Elephant Gloves

These adorable little gloves are the most darling addition to your winter warms. Handmade in Turkey by Yastikizi, there is a veritable treasure trove of quirky designs, including moustaches, howling wolves, and wiener dogs. A second career for creator Oznur Soylem, inspired by a love of crafting, this company is a testament to the fact that it’s never to late to switch careers to pursue something you’re passionate about. From the designer herself: “I want to touch people’s lives and make them feel special. So I design everything that makes me happy.”

Sincerely Jules Tee

I’ve been following Sincerely Jules on Instagram for a long time, and upon realizing this style maven has a shop… well, it was a great day for me, put it that way. Her designs are simple and classy, with a playful edge. My favorite, the Pina Colada tee is understated and summery—layer it up with a blazer and jeans and you can carry a piece of summer with you on these dark winter days. Or get on the CELFIE hype (pictured); this simple, chic tee, paired with jeans, are an easy daytime option, and can easily be dressed up for a night on the town.

Matt & Nat Wallet

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photo of two teal and pink leather crossbody bags

In 2015, keep your purse organised in style. This beautiful, berry-toned wallet will set you back an initial $60, but it’s absolutely worth the investment for such a high-quality piece. Plus, you can feel truly at peace with ordering from Matt & Nat; their ethos of sustainability means they are committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs, and “continue to explore new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly.”

United By Blue Marl Beanie

I’ve resolved to wear more hats in the new year, and I’ll be ordering the “Ragg” cosy marl knit beanie by United By Blue in charcoal. It’s simple and understated, durable and great value… and if I’m going to buy a beanie from anywhere, it’s got to be from United By Blue. Their company philosophy states: “We believe that as a for-profit business we have the power to help heal our oceans. By associating each product sold with the removal of one pound of trash from waterways, we unite our beliefs with our business.” It’s fashion with genuine soul: amen to that.

Beauty Pick: Kaeng Raeng Detoxfoliant Body Scrub

True story: when I first heard of Kaeng Raeng’s detoxfoliant body scrub, it was because Lauren Conrad had toted it as one of her favorites. With a list of delectable ingredients including Virgin shea butter, Himalayan pink salt, organic apricot kernel oil, and lavender essential oil, this rich and fragrant scrub is every bit as luxurious as you’d believe—and will make your skin feel like you’ve just stepped out of a spa. Rubbing it onto dry areas will remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow and give your lymphatic system a boost. Oh, and your bathroom (and body) will smell like heaven. Purchase it direct from Kaeng Raeng or on Amazon.

 Do you have some favorite off-the-radar fashion/beauty picks you’d like us to know about? Tweet us @litdarling!

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