10 Nautical-Themed Gift Ideas From Etsy

With movies like Chris Hemsworth’s “In the Heart of the Sea” on everyone’s radar, nautical gifts are coming back into style. From bookends to prints to jewelry and office supplies, there are maritime-themed guests for just about anyone. Etsy is one of the best places to look for these types of gifts, because they can range from original art to vintage items. And while many people think doing last-minute holiday shopping on Etsy isn’t a real thing—because items are coming and going from all over the world, it’s easy to get the wires crossed. However, some Etsy shop owners, particular those selling from the country in which you live, will often do their best to help you get your product on time (though they may adjust for shipping costs!). Check out these nautical-themed gift ideas to make your favorite seafaring friend love you even more this holiday season.


Bronze ship bookends from LuxeArtifacts | $35 + free shipping
il_fullxfull.567090351_sn388×10 Kraken print on dictionary page from RabbitPrint | $6.99 + $5 shipping

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERABrass ships’ wheel bottle opener from VintageAnd4All | $18.50 + $4 shipping

il_fullxfull.449429698_34lu11×14 Steamship diagram print from AlgaNet | $25 + $8 shipping

il_fullxfull.478645174_a6n8Pirates from the South Atlantic States print from GeographicArt | $27 + $6.95 shipping

il_fullxfull.486247604_hrp9Shrimp boat watercolor print from gardnerwatercolors | $40 + $4.50 shipping

il_fullxfull.2953261651970s sailboat pen holder from SurrenderDorothy | $12.89 + $6 shipping

il_fullxfull.306002925“Moby Dick”-themed whale necklace from crumpetcake | $17 + $3 shipping

il_fullxfull.408651453_1mzjVintage brass sailboat paper clip from TheLazyPeacock | $18 + $5.35 shipping

il_fullxfull.432563048_96nrWhale ring in silver/gold from applelatte | $16 + $4 shipping

il_fullxfull.397349313_lbp0Hand-crafted wooden whale clip from OceanSwept | $9 + $3 shipping

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