Give the Gift of Sight with Lookmatic Frames

I’ve worn glasses since I was approximately two years old, and I consider myself a connoisseur of all the ways that glasses suck. Wire frames? They bend. The plastic nose cushions? Probably could be used as torture devices. Bifocals? Not cool when you’re in seventh grade and not an 80 year-old man.

Glasses have undergone a revolution since my schoolyard days. Gone are the times when there was a limited and ugly selection only available at your doctor’s office or Lenscrafters. Buying glasses has become infinitely easier, more enjoyable, and more affordable, especially with internet vendors like Lookmatic.

Lookmatic offers a variety of options to choose from, and utilizes the ability to try on glasses via your webcam. While the virtual try on isn’t as goofy looking as other softwares tend to be, I still felt a little dumb using it, I won’t lie.

But they offer classic frames in traditional shapes, so it isn’t hard to get a feel for what’s going to work on your face and what won’t, especially if you are an experienced glasses wearer.

Lookmatic generously offered us a free pair of frames, so I selected the black Bel Airs. They’re a classier and lighter version of what I have now, and as I stand poised on the brink of graduation and the professional world, I think it’s time to retire my Zooey Deschanel glasses for a pair of Clark Kent specs.


These glasses are great. They’re light, they’re good quality, and they have that awesome “new glasses” feel that is so sublime after you wear the same gross, worn-in glasses day after day. In addition, they threw in a second pair of frames for me—the clear version of the Bel Air. Not really my style, but fellow Literally, Darling writer Kate jumped at them!


All of Lookmatic’s frames hover around $99, plus the cost of the prescription—but they throw in free shipping, which is a big plus. In addition, they allow you to do a ton of customization, from the colors of the frames to the tint of the lenses, which is something you have to pay an arm and a leg for at a place like Lenscrafters.

The experience, from the frames to the customer service, was great. The only thing I dislike about the process is that I don’t have my prescription in the frames, because I want to wear them now! Because let’s be real—they look great with a Santa hat.

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