How To Transition Summer Style To Winter Wardrobe

Trading in light summer dresses and airy skirts for bulky sweaters and heavy layers can be one of the saddest parts of the slow departure from warm weather. At the start of autumn, chunky knits and comfy corduroy offer a cozy, inviting allure. You imagine yourself, hands nearly swallowed by cable knit threads seeking refuge by the crackling fire in a rustic cottage shrouded by amber leaves and soft grey mist (okay, just me?). Either way, the excitement of sweater weather can quickly lose its sparkle when every tree no longer inspires an Instagram post, and you realize you’ve been throwing on the same three sweaters every day. Don’t get stuck in a winter rut. If you open your closet and stare longingly at your favorite summer pieces, fear not, with some layering and creativity, they can and should be incorporated into your winter wardrobe.


1. Crop tops

The more modest younger sister of the Britney Spears-era belly shirt, crop tops were everywhere this summer. Chances are, you have one or two collecting dust in the back of a drawer somewhere longing for the light of day. You probably don’t want to bear your belly button in the colder winter months, no matter how toned your New Year’s Resolution abs end up being. Make up for the difference with high-waisted jeans and a chunky oversized sweater



crop top



2. Denim Vests

Denim vests and jackets are always making a revival on the fashion scene. So some time or another, you’ve probably purchased one of your own. Denim vests are cute and unexpected over a solid sweater and are a simple addition to a casual basic black leggings look.


denim vest



3. Sundresses

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One of the best parts of dressing for warmer weather is the simplicity of throwing on a simple dress and calling it a day. The ease of a one-piece ensemble is nearly impossible in the winter, but with some layering, your beloved sundresses can be completely reworked. Multicolored dresses can easily transition from season to season. Opt for a sweater in a deeper more subdued color.


sundress and sweater




Tights are the perfect way to add versatility to lighter pieces. Colored shorts in muted tones translate flawlessly into a sleek winter look when layered over tights.



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