7 Beauty Essentials For Traveling

With a few days off, loved ones to visit, and festivities to partake in, the holiday season is a particularly busy time for traveling. Whether you find the prospect thrilling or stressful, air travel can take its toll (We can’t all be Victoria Beckhams strutting through Heathrow airport). But with a few added essentials to your carry-on bag, you can arrive at your destination looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

1. Hand Cream/Lotion

Air travel can be dehydrating. So take the opportunity to moisturize while sitting on your flight. This hand cream is rich but not too heavy, and small enough to throw into your carry-on tote.


2. Shea Socks

If you’re not already wearing socks, it’s a good idea to have a pair accessible because walking barefoot through security can be gross (and cold). Not only are these like a teddy bear hug for your feet, but the insides are infused with moisturizing Shea Butter so your feet will be soft and warm during your flight.

shea socks

3. Facial Spray/Face Wash

One of the quickest ways to feel alert is to give your face a quick, fresh, pick-me-up. Sephora sells this mini TSA-approved duo. This mineral water spray is a handy way to revitalize skin.



4. Drapey Sweaters

Flights are a great time to catch up on a bit of beauty sleep. Many airlines provide pillows and blankets, however, I caution you to be leery of the used blankets offered, as I have had experiences with some pretty repulsive, unwashed ones. Even easier than packing your own blankie into your tote, is to wear a long sweater or wrap that can double as a blanket. Layering is key to travel comfort, and drapey sweaters are perfect for wrapping around yourself for a nap.

drapey sweaters



5. Pocket Hand Sanitizer

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If you’ve ever been trapped between the window seat and a sneezy, coughing passenger, you know that airplanes and airports can be pretty germy. Mini hand sanitizer is essential. This one comes in lots of fun scents to stash in every bag.


6. Water

Airport newsstands and gift shops are incredibly overpriced, but bottle of water to last you your journey is a worthwhile purchase. Abundant in health benefits, water is like a miracle elixir, and it’s important to stay hydrated while in the air.


7. Lip Balm

Did I mention that air travel is dehydrating? Avoid dry, chapped lips with this amazing lip balm. It’s light and moisturizing, and slightly tinted for the perfect hint of color.1ee9398ee8192129dbd1c5068627fbbc

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