5 Tips for Buying a Winter Coat

It happens every winter: I buy a new coat. Despite living in Alabama it gets cold here all the same and it never feels like winter until I can wear my big heavy coat. Each winter we are inundated with the newest trends, but coats are often some of the most expensive pieces of your wardrobe and buying a new coat every year is ridiculous (although I still try to get away with it). Along with the fashion magazine telling us what’s trendy we also need something useful, tasteful, and versatile. Here are some of my favorite things when looking for a good winter coat.

Pea Coats. You cannot go wrong with the classic look of a pea coat. It perfect for going out, work, and it keeps you warm.

Small details. Look for something cute that sets it apart from everyone else’s LL Bean coat.

Change up your length. Not every coat needs to go to your knees. It is good to have coats of a different length to go with multiple outfits.

Buttons, snaps, or ties oh my! Buttons are great, and can be a great detail, but don’t limit yourself to only jackets with buttons. Snaps, ties, and zippers can be gorgeous and pretty as well.

Colors and patterns. Neutral tones are great. Brown, black, and grey are essential but colorful coats or coats with patterns can also add some color to your otherwise dark winter wardrobe.

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