A Winter Playlist For The Really Cold Days

If you’re living in America right now, then you know that it’s been fucking cold lately. Not just cold. Fucking cold.

When you ignore the frostbite and wind chill and frozen pipes, winter is very picturesque. Adding the right soundtrack to a cold winter day can make you feel like you’re living in your own indie romcom movie. Walking through the cold on your way to class? There’s a song for that. Pining after your lost love while shivering in bed? There’s a song for that. Eating Pringles and watching Netflix while in heavy sweaters with no makeup on? Even the most unattractive of scenarios becomes whimsical and thought-provoking with snow in the background and an indie song overlaid.

So as you shiver to death this winter, use this playlist as a guide and imagine that your life is infinitely more glorious than it actually is.

Top Picks:

“All The Time”—Bahamas

This track is the very best of Bahamas—upbeat, catchy and infinitely repeatable. Put this one on while walking quickly down the street with great determination. Attempt to not match your footsteps to the beat. Don’t let the name deceive you— Bahamas is perfect cold weather music.

“Cherry Wine”—Hozier

You and your mom and your brother have probably all heard Hozier’s breakout hit “Take Me To Church.” As well as the 80,000 dubstep remixes of it. But Hozier is an intensely good musician with a very impressive discography. “Cherry Wine” is heartbreaking and beautiful and will go perfectly as a soundtrack to your exhausted wine night in front of the TV while huddled in your electric blanket.

“Say Yes”—Elliot Smith

Reader, this is Elliot Smith. Say hello. Elliot Smith will now be your company for all those late night study sessions, your midnight drives, and the 2 a.m. nights when you can’t sleep. Listen liberally, mix with coffee, and enjoy. (For more, here’s how he changed Michelle’s life)

“Find a Little Love”Nick D’ & the Believers

Newcomers Nick D’ & the Believers have one mission: to make you dance. While you’re cleaning, while you’re making dinner, while you’re waiting in trafficthe place makes no difference. Keep your blood moving the easy way. Dance.


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